• Enhancing The #TownshipEconomy Through Entrepreneurship

    Creating ecosystems in South African townships has been the buzzwords in entrepreneurship. With so much trade taking place in the townships; formalising it would mean the growth of the whole country’s economy. Creating and shaping the township economy is the key discussion at the Ekasi Business Conference currently in session and continuing tomorrow (14 November […]

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  • Digitally Driven Start-Ups Add Value To South Africa’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

    On 10 October 2014, a flurry of start-up entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and business leaders flocked to the Cape Town International Convention Centre to attend the SiMODiSA Start-Up South Africa Conference.The conference focused on addressing some of the pivotal issues around entrepreneurship including funding, the role of government and the global ecosystem, but it was the […]

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  • How To Make South Africa A #START-Up Nation

    The view that South Africa is the toughest place to be a #STARTup ,has led some to wonder, what can be done to make it a #START-Up nation. There are numerous interventions required to make South Africa a START up nation. For now I would like to highlight just one. In my humble opinion the education […]

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  • South Africa Is The Toughest Place To Be A Startup: A SIMODISA Conference (START-UP SA) GUEST’S VIEW

    On Friday last week, 10 October 2014 I attended what I consider to be one of the biggest START UP Conference in South Africa if not Africa. Everyone in the startup scene was there, from Vinny Lingham, Michael Jordaan, Lebo Gunguluza and the rest were there to share their views and insights on what can […]

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  • The Apple Watch Economy: How Apple Will Redefine The Watch Economy

    Apple has once again created a new thing in the universe and yet not so new. The digital watch has always been with us (thanks to Samsung) it was just not cool and Apple is making it better and mainstream. What Apple created is not just a watch it’s the Watch economy. Rado and Rolex […]

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  • Dark Social Media: Tracking The Invisible by DaveDuarte @ Heavy Chef

    Lifting the veil off the digital phenomenon known as Dark Social Media, Dave Duarte headlined the Heavy Chef event in Cape Town at World Wide Creative’s brand new event space on 28 August. His official presentation has now been released. Dave’s talk challenged marketers to consider the impact that social sharing on “dark” platforms such […]

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  • The Innovators: A Book About People Who Built The Computer & The Internet

    I’ve been reading a book by Walter Issacson – The Innovators – which is the story of people who created the computer and the internet. It is the only book in my opinion that captures the history of the digital revolution. It also serves as the guide of how innovation happens. It is a book […]

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  • Start Something Meaningful

    The simple thing that separates successful individuals from those who languish is the very thing that separates exciting and growing organisations from those that stagnate and die. #STARTing. I don’t mean STARTing for the sake of STARTing. The business grave and business registry is full of dead businesses who got off to a wrong START. […]

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GoMetro Launches An App Designed For The Emerging Markets

GoMetro, the transport startup based in Cape Town that maps and reports on public transport in South African cities, today unveiled a new mobi site designed for the emerging world: GoMetro Mini. This  groundbreaking new version of GoMetro is designed for older phones, and will provide public transport information to commuters in all 11 official […]

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Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Searching For Future Entrepreneurs: Apply Now

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation is offering individuals that show potential in entrepreneurial talent an opportunity to develop as responsible entrepreneurs by applying for the university Fellowship opportunity. Anthony Farr, CEO of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, says: “The Foundation invests in a long-term legacy of greatness through inspiring and developing individuals who will become […]

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School Entrepreneurship In 2015

The 2014 School Entrepreneurship Programme wrapped up on 21 November 2014. Now in its fourth year, this extra-curricular entrepreneurship initiative has seen no less than 21 high school learners start up and sustain micro-enterprises while completing the 10 month programme. In year 2014 it was no different. The top performer for the 2014 edition was […]

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Christmas Comes Early For The South African Film Industry

In a positive outcome for the South African Film Industry, an agreement between the Department of Home Affairs and industry bodies; the Commercial Producers Association (CPA), the South African Association of Stills Producers (SAASP) and the National Association of Model Agencies (NAMA) was reached earlier this week. The new development will go a long way […]

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School Entrepreneurship Olympiad: Unearthing Future Entrepreneurs In Schools

The School Entrepreneurship Trust is proud to announce that creativity, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit is alive in high school students ! The Trust, in partnership with the University of Cape Town(UCT) launched a pilot School Entrepreneurship Olympiad in the fourth school term of 2014. 26 schools were invited to participate in Round 1 which […]

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New Leader For The Western Cape Economic Agency: WESGRO

Today, in Cape Town, Professor Brian Figaji, Chairman of the Wesgro Board of Directors (the Western Cape’s tourism, trade and investment promotion agency) announced that the Agency had appointed Mr. Tim Harris as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Agency to replace the outgoing Chief Executive Officer, Mr Nils Flaatten whose contract expires in […]

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#START From The Bottom

Some of you (especially the younger readers) may recognise the words to the heading of this article, it refers to a song by Drake. It goes “Started from the bottom now I’m here, started from the bottom now my whole team’s here”. My view is that he makes quite a profound statement with this song, […]

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Why Entrepreneurs Need To Understand Accounting

Entrepreneurs who don’t understand basic accounting concepts are setting themselves up for unnecessary stress and failure, says Peter Frampton of Color Accounting International; but, he adds, the good news is that everyone can learn the basic skills they need. “Business owners often tell us they’re slightly intimidated when meeting their accountants,” says Frampton. “They end […]

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#START Young: The Case For Youth Entrepreneurship

There was once a period when it was possible to work for a single company for the rest of your career life. This period I call it “Job For Life Era”. This life started just after  leaving varsity and ended with your retirement. Those were the days when the big  company took care of its […]

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