• Enhancing The #TownshipEconomy Through Entrepreneurship

    Creating ecosystems in South African townships has been the buzzwords in entrepreneurship. With so much trade taking place in the townships; formalising it would mean the growth of the whole country’s economy. Creating and shaping the township economy is the key discussion at the Ekasi Business Conference currently in session and continuing tomorrow (14 November […]

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  • Digitally Driven Start-Ups Add Value To South Africa’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

    On 10 October 2014, a flurry of start-up entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and business leaders flocked to the Cape Town International Convention Centre to attend the SiMODiSA Start-Up South Africa Conference.The conference focused on addressing some of the pivotal issues around entrepreneurship including funding, the role of government and the global ecosystem, but it was the […]

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  • How To Make South Africa A #START-Up Nation

    The view that South Africa is the toughest place to be a #STARTup ,has led some to wonder, what can be done to make it a #START-Up nation. There are numerous interventions required to make South Africa a START up nation. For now I would like to highlight just one. In my humble opinion the education […]

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  • South Africa Is The Toughest Place To Be A Startup: A SIMODISA Conference (START-UP SA) GUEST’S VIEW

    On Friday last week, 10 October 2014 I attended what I consider to be one of the biggest START UP Conference in South Africa if not Africa. Everyone in the startup scene was there, from Vinny Lingham, Michael Jordaan, Lebo Gunguluza and the rest were there to share their views and insights on what can […]

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  • The Apple Watch Economy: How Apple Will Redefine The Watch Economy

    Apple has once again created a new thing in the universe and yet not so new. The digital watch has always been with us (thanks to Samsung) it was just not cool and Apple is making it better and mainstream. What Apple created is not just a watch it’s the Watch economy. Rado and Rolex […]

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  • Dark Social Media: Tracking The Invisible by DaveDuarte @ Heavy Chef

    Lifting the veil off the digital phenomenon known as Dark Social Media, Dave Duarte headlined the Heavy Chef event in Cape Town at World Wide Creative’s brand new event space on 28 August. His official presentation has now been released. Dave’s talk challenged marketers to consider the impact that social sharing on “dark” platforms such […]

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  • The Innovators: A Book About People Who Built The Computer & The Internet

    I’ve been reading a book by Walter Issacson – The Innovators – which is the story of people who created the computer and the internet. It is the only book in my opinion that captures the history of the digital revolution. It also serves as the guide of how innovation happens. It is a book […]

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  • Start Something Meaningful

    The simple thing that separates successful individuals from those who languish is the very thing that separates exciting and growing organisations from those that stagnate and die. #STARTing. I don’t mean STARTing for the sake of STARTing. The business grave and business registry is full of dead businesses who got off to a wrong START. […]

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Brand Story: A Critical Element For Product Positioning

South Africa is world-renowned for its wines. For winemakers, however, the proliferation of wine estates means that they compete in a market crowded with 700 wineries that produce more than 10,000 different brands. Competing for retail shelf space typically means getting a place alongside 300 other brands – a wine lover’s paradise, but a wine […]

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KFC’d: The New Business Risk Driven By Social Media

Getting a ‘roasting’ from the eye-witness consumer is a growing risk for business now social media can broadcast even the appearance of questionable behaviour. To be more specific, a brand can be ‘KFC’d’. The danger was recently highlighted by the case of the hosed-down chicken at Braamfontein KFC where employees scattered chicken pieces on the […]

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The Clothing Bank

The Clothing Bank : A Business LaunchPad For Unemployed Women

THE Clothing Bank opened its fifth outlet in South Africa, based in Durban, on Friday last week. The local non-profit organisation (NPO), which focuses on developing sustainable business practices amongst underprivileged self-employed businesswomen through a pioneering method, is gaining increasing national reach. The NPO also has branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Paarl and Hermanus. The […]

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Digital Marketing Learning – There’s Newly Launched Heavy Chef Magazine For That

The Heavy Chef Strategy Event, headlined by Arthur Goldstuck and Chris Rawlinson coincided with the launch of the Heavy Chef Quarterly Review – an online magazine featuring exclusive content authored by some of the country’s most prominent authorities on digital. Correlating with one of founding agency World Wide Creative’s four business units, the first edition […]

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Social Innovation

Opportunity For Innovators To Make A Difference & Get Support

The SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards 2015 has been opened for entry and all entrepreneurs and innovators with innovative products and services are invited to participate in the competition which carries a first prize of R1-million. This year, the SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards celebrates 5 years of its commitment to improving the lives of […]

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The Unconventional Entrepreneur: What It Takes To Reap Rewards In Business

Entrepreneurs are people who are ready to tackle the unknown and have the courage required to make avant-garde decisions when needed. Often, these decisions are made against the flow of conventional wisdom. Frequently, however, they prove to be wise decisions that help unconventional entrepreneurs prove, quite literally, that the sky is only the limit for […]

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DJ Sbu Marketing Maverick

3 Marketing Lessons From The Marketing Maverick DJ Sbu

Hate or like Sibusiso Aka “DJ Sbu”  Leope, he is arguably the best marketer to come out of South African townships. Recently he got into hot water for promoting his own product on air while at work  without the required permission.This is not surprising considering how DJ Sbu came into the limelight. In his early […]

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Heavy Chef To Host Strategy Event & Launch Inaugural Magazine

On 06 May 2015 at Microsoft in Joburg, Heavy Chef will host an event focused on Digital Strategy, headlined by a digital power duo. Arthur Goldstuck, South Africa’s foremost authority on the digital market and technological trends, will be joined by Chris Rawlinson – creative powerhouse and head of group digital innovations at Ogilvy SA. […]

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SAB Kickstart

SAB’s Secret Brew For Developing Young Entrepreneurs in South Africa Is Out

The South African Breweries (SAB) has evolved its 20-year old youth entrepreneurship programme, SAB KickStart, expanding it into three enterprise development initiatives. The three programmes are SAB KickStart Ignite, SAB KickStart Boost and SAB KickStart Elevate, each targeting youth-owned businesses with different areas of focus and at varying stages of operation. This three-pronged approach and commitment to enterprise development […]

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SMARTIES: Global Award For Mobile Marketing Announced

The Mobile Marketing Association “MMA” of South Africa announced the 2015 MMA Standard Bank SMARTIESTM Award categories. The categories include definitions for 2015 as well as new or changed categories. The SMARTIESTM Awards is the only global awards program created specifically to recognise best-in-class mobile marketing campaigns from around the world. Entries are now open and submissions can be made at the country level (South […]

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