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KFC’d: The New Business Risk Driven By Social Media

Getting a ‘roasting’ from the eye-witness consumer is a growing risk for business now social media can broadcast even the appearance of questionable behaviour. To be more specific, a brand can be ‘KFC’d’. The danger was recently highlighted by the case of the hosed-down chicken at Braamfontein KFC where employees scattered chicken pieces on the […]

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Supplier Development: New Codes Effects On Business

The new Supplier Development rules bring about changes to what was the norm for many years. While it was easy for companies to ‘finance’ smaller businesses to earn points on their BEE scorecard without taking any ‘real’ responsibility, the new codes are forcing companies to think outside the box and contribute to the success of […]

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Why Entrepreneurs Need To Understand Accounting

Entrepreneurs who don’t understand basic accounting concepts are setting themselves up for unnecessary stress and failure, says Peter Frampton of Color Accounting International; but, he adds, the good news is that everyone can learn the basic skills they need. “Business owners often tell us they’re slightly intimidated when meeting their accountants,” says Frampton. “They end […]

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Shared Office Spaces For Startups And Creatives

Shared offices spaces are becoming spaces where architects, interior designers, IT specialists, graphic designers, wordsmiths and small business entrepreneurs can operate. In Woodstock (Cape Town) , for instance, the Woodstock Industrial Centre has produced hub spaces specifically for the creative and IT Industry. Once a rundown disused factory, its interior has been turned into thriving hub […]

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The Importance Of Management Training

South Africa is currently displaying a keen focus on Skills Development, as is evidenced by the South African National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS). Skills Development undoubtedly plays a key role in the country’s economic future, but are organisations spending their training funds wisely? Are staff being sent on relevant training courses or are organisations merely […]

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The Art Of Planning: Be Flexible

As the new year kicks off, entrepreneurs around the world are furiously planning their year ahead, setting up charts, taking voice notes and scribbling ideas on the backs of napkins. Once the plan has been drawn up, they will sit back to admire their handiwork, thinking, “This is how we’ll succeed this year!” Unfortunately for […]

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How To Avoid Festive Season Delivery Bottlenecks

Small and medium businesses would do well to plan their logistics requirements in good time to avoid getting caught up in the bottleneck of last minute deliveries as the festive season gets into full swing. This is particularly relevant given the escalating volumes of deliveries for online fulfillment as an increasing number of companies sell […]

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