Innovation Network Established For The Western Cape

Cost savings of R1.45-million, 23.3 tonnes of industrial waste diverted from landfill, additional sales to the value of R2.09 million and energy savings of 1 820MWh per annum, count among the outcomes of the Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme (WISP).The programme owns no resources, other than human capital, as it serves only to link firms […]

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How Big Data Is Transforming Customer Service – And Where It’s Going Wrong

“Big data” has become the latest panacea for creating customer loyalty. Big data usually goes with other mysterious terms like “analysing telephony metadata,” “separating the signal from the noise,” and “We know the precise ARPU* for our clients.” Big data is what the famous young whistleblower Edward Snowden was involved in, with a huge database […]

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Innovation In Lean times

Much has been written on the subject of what to do about innovation in lean times. Many writers and bloggers all have a general idea of what to do, and many advocate similar strategies such as cutting costs, focusing effort on quick-return productivity enhancements and aggressively cutting out low-potential innovations. Marketing, sponsorship, bonuses, increases, R&D […]

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Availability Over-Rides Cloud Security Concerns

A recent survey conducted by research and advisory company CXO Advisor reveals that South African SMEs are taking to cloud services despite security concerns. SMEs polled said they had chosen to use cloud services because they are available now, and are perceived to be stable and secure. More than half of the polled organisations said […]

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Giving Back Time: Angus Robinson On Mobile Interconnectedness

We chatted recently to Angus Robinson, Director for Mobile, Content and Community Divisions at NATIVE, about the impact of being connected, “interconnectedness” and the synchronising of all our devices that ultimately will “manage our lives”.  We undoubtedly live in a connected economy. The lines between offline and online are already blurred. With rapid urbanisation and increased […]

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