10 Business Opportunities for the Future

Biz futureHere are ten different categories of business ideas that you can safely bet on for the future.

1.     Environmental. Any business with a positive affect on the Environment. Solar energy, recycle, alternate power etc.

2.     Debt Advice. With the ever growing awareness of people in debt, any sort of financial counselling, education or debt regulation will do very well over the next 5 years. Just make sure you can still get paid for this, as most of your clients will be broke.

3.     Convenience. Any product or service that adds a form of convenience to the lives of the hard working and lazy has a huge developing market. Services such as ready made home cooked suppers, laundry services, garden services, walk the dog, pay your bills, wash your car. You get the drift.

4.     Services for the Aged. There is a huge sector of the population that is getting older and not dieing. Any services that are focused at looking after these people will blossom. Again look at costs and service ability. These could be a simple bus service to the shops. Outings to places of interest. Entertainment activities. Sporting packages. Skydiving – only kidding.

5.     Cellular Communication. Any add-on product or service that moves with the times of the huge cellular market will do well. We have seen many new products come out recently that adds convenience and ease of use. Moneyless transaction, online chat, booking services, status enquiries etc.

6.     Home Entertainment. We are spending more time at home in the evening, give us things to do. Wii, movies, Pizza, dress up, dress down…

7.     Online Shopping. I think that SA is on the brink of the online shopping revolution that other countries have come to see. As confidence grows with online banking transactions the 2.4 million users in SA will begin to shop.

8.     Beauty and Body Care. Lipstick, gym, personal training, loose fat, look good, feel sexy. Any product that does that for me, I’m buying.

9.     African Development. The doors are opening into Africa. (Except Zim.) A lot of our large retailers have paved the road up north. Small business needs to follow and claim the markets.

10. Low Life Expectancy. The flip side to #4. We are also seeing a huge death rate due to HIV, TB and maybe next year N1H4. Any services linked to death will be booming. Undertakes, coffin makers, funeral policies and related services.

Thanks to Eric Parker for some of this input.

11 thoughts on “10 Business Opportunities for the Future

  1. A nice list but slightly on the overly optimistic side, don’t you think? The word ‘any’ is used too glibly without qualifying any requirements or parameters, pardon the pun.

  2. Well, I’m just about to open a practice for Number 2; starting something under Number 6 in the next month; and toying with the idea of getting into the market for Number 10. Then it’s just down to following through with these, along the lines of Number 9!

  3. Good article. I am trying to get started in area no 1. Namely Solar Water Heating as a start. However the renewable energy industry itself makes no secret of the fact that new players are not really welcome.

    There is nothing in the way of providing training and support to entrepreneurs in this sector and its a shame that only the big business or those with lots of capital are the ones who are able to enter this market.

  4. Forgot to add that I feel there should be a an incubator that supports entrepreneurs in the renewable energy sector.

  5. Great list Bruce, but i think you might have left one out… haha. Im talking about online currency exchange. What are your opinions on it? Im still no pro, but ive dabbled, and i think its a profitable business…


  6. Danielle
    Online Currency Exchange. High risk, high return, skill based profit. Where does one start? Love the idea but would presume only for those with huge cash reserves and the need for a adrenalin lifestyle.

  7. Bruce,
    Well my last name’s not moneybags, but yeah i get what you’re saying. since online currency exchange is a high risk endeavor, you’ve gotta have some cash backed up in case something “unexpected” happens. However, I managed to get started with forex trading AND make some profit without having very deep pockets.

    and yeah… i tend to like jumping off mountains as well. 🙂

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