7 (Tech) Tools To #START A Business With Almost Nothing

20 years ago, if you wanted to START a business you had to invest in property or equipment which required a huge startup capital. Thanks to the internet nowadays you can start a business with almost nothing. The internet is making it possible for someone with an idea and the will to make it a reality to #START.

The following 7 free tech tools can assist you to do the same and start with nothing:


Yola is a website builder and website hosting platform with which you can establish the presence of your business online.Yola is free and easy to use. Basically, if you can type and post a Facebook post you can build your business website on your Yola. You can access Yola on: www.yola.com



If your idea involves selling your creations you don’t need a physical store to #START. You can simply setup an online store using ShopStar which enables anyone to easily create & manage their own online shop. Amazon – one of the biggest retailers in the world is online. Now you can also do the same by adding online store to your website with ShopStart.

You can access ShopStar on: www.shopstar.co.za



Every person who has a business sights lack of funding as the main reason for not STARTing. The Western Cape Government together with Delloite is even setting up an event dedicated to funding businesses. – the problem is not everyone needs R10 million to at least START. Some ideas require just need R1000 to START. ThundaFund is a perfect tool to take your idea off the ground by requesting people who believe and support your idea to pledge small amount of money into your project. ThundaFund has made this possible for a number of  World Design Capital projects that used the platform to fund their best online casino design ideas. You can also use the platform to fund your idea  by visiting: www.thundafund.co.za



A critical element of any business is people. The trick is to access such people has always been the privilege of big corporates who can afford employment agencies. Once again, the internet has leveled the plain fields with tools such as LinkedIn which basically allows  you to have access to a variety of people with  scarce and diverse skills.Creating a network through LinkedIn can allow you to have access to important resource of skilled people to  hire in your business without paying huge fees to recruitment agencies.

Create a network now on: www.linkedin.com



Once again some markets were reserved for only big companies that can afford to reach international markets.People who are starting a business were always limited to selling to local market.An international e-commerce platform has flattened the world by enabling anyone with services to offer to accept payments online from any part of the world. PayPal has been a game changer for people with great ideas but limited to access markets. For some it has led amazing product success while they are sitting at the comfort of their homes.

You can enable payment and money transfers on:




Lastly after using all these tools to start your business you need manage your finances. This again is a challenge for entrepreneurs who are just starting. FreshBooks a cloud-based accounting software service which allows small business owners to send invoices to clients and get paid for their time and expertise.It’s a perfect tool when a business is not ready to invest in a financial system to manage financial affairs of the business.

You can access FreshBooks on: www.freshbooks.com


Knowing about these tools alone will not assist you to start. The key is to start using them in starting a business. Some of them may not be ideal for your business however I’m sure one of them will at least make a difference in your journey to start. I encourage you to use one of  these tools in the process of starting your business and share your experiences on the comment section, tweet about your experiences with the #START Hashtag or by sending an email to wesley@ideate.co.za