An Entrepreneurial Success Story: The Holiday Club Reaches 21 Years Of Growth

2014 marks The Holiday Club’s 21st year in the vacation ownership industry. The Holiday Club, the largest leisure Club in Africa, is a true South African entrepreneurial success story.

The Holiday Club forms part of the Beekman Group of Companies. In 1971, the founders of The Holiday Club, John and Bram Beekman started by establishing a property portfolio as the core of the Group’s business. Their first development at Banana Beach in KwaZulu-Natal was affiliated to RCI (UK) and paved the way for them to enter the local leisure industry. It was also instrumental in setting the scene for the official launch in 1981 of the Beekman Group – a respected developer and marketing pioneer of the leisure industry. The Group identified the limitations of conventional timeshare and designed a unique product that allows Members to customise their holidays according to their needs through the Points system.

“The Holiday Club has enjoyed tremendous growth and an excellent track record of offering a variety of choice holiday destinations, both locally and internationally since their start in 1993,” says Wayne Beekman, CEO of The Holiday Club.

Since their humble beginnings they have grown in every sphere: staff compliment, technology, service, and resort ownership. 5.5 Million Holidays later, they have grown from a company with a customer care team of 4 people (making manual bookings!) to a company with over 72 000 holidaying families and a staff compliment of over 720, including 47 in the Member Services and Reservations teams alone! Not to mention the development of their real-time online reservations system.

“We are happy to say that the last 21 years have been a journey of growth and success,” says Beekman. “We have made great strides in improving our company, as well as the industry as a whole.”

The Holiday Club was launched in 1993, with a unique and flexible Points System. Due to phenomenal growth, the Club is extremely well poised positioned to offer its Members the flexibility that is lacking in conventional timeshare. The Club realises that, above all, a product is only as good as the service that backs it up. It was for this reason that they’ve established their Member Services Department with a first call resolution to provide Members with a friendly, efficient service focusing on their particular holiday requirements. In fact, it is The Holiday Club’s firm belief that the quality of their service, together with their outstanding product, provides their Members with a leisure product that fulfils both their short term and long term holiday aspirations. And that’s a promise they intend to keep!

Says Beekman: “The Holiday Club wishes to thank all their Members for their ongoing support and here’s to many more years of Lifelong Holiday Pleasure!”