Are you making far less money than you originally intended

When you leave your plush corporate job with the intention on driving a Bugatti Veyron in a couple of short years after setting up your own dream business, it can be rather disheartening to still be struggling to afford the petrol in your ageing Toyota well into the innings of your entrepreneurial adventure. Does it mean you suck at business and you should rather consider becoming a Buddist monk who can transend the earthly allure of wealth?

The truth is that starting your own business is bloody hard work. Keeping it going and making good money from it is even more elusive. It involves long hours, a solid…focussed business plan, watching expenses like a ravenous hawk and a whole pile of ‘being at the right place at the right time’.

There’s no magic recipe or shortcut that’s going to get you to your AAA grade office suite and keys to a jet-black Aston Martin DB9. The right marketing mix is crucial and above all it’s about packaging and selling your product as efficiently as your cash flow will allow. If you don’t have a ugly devil that looks like Richard Branson jabby you in the butt with a fire trident labelled ‘Do it’ – then it may well be better for you to seek permanent employment with a reputable company that’ll have you.

Then again, making it through the month in one piece can be the most satisfying reward when you’ve had to kill and maime to get there.

Anyhow – those are the words of advice we would [so far in our journey] have offered had we received the letter that this guy did.

2 thoughts on “Are you making far less money than you originally intended

  1. Personally, as a muslim, i believe alot in Niyah (intentions)

    You have to have the right intentions for whatever you do.

    We do our business to be successfull, improve our knowledge, ensure our staff, customers & suppliers are looked after.

    On the contrary, a few years ago, supplier turned rival decided to open up 1 block away from us. Purely to ‘put them out of business’ – He folded in 3 months.

    Point is, do your startup, business or venture with passion, drive & correct intentions. Dont do it to piss people off, to create conflict. Dont let Money be your one and only goal. Be sure to stop and smell the flowers along the way

  2. Great post Jon. it’s a mixture of hard work, persistence, resilience, street smarts… and luck.

    One thing I’ll add (in my experience): I reckon if you put the right systems in place – so that you can focus on sales, sales and more sales – the luckier you get!

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