Jonathan Jacobs

Jonathan best describes himself as a social entrepreneur who helps people help themselves. His life mission is to create job opportunities for 100,000 people. Armed with street skills and a few degrees, Jonathan has assisted numerous entrepreneurs. He has recently been nominated as Honorary Consulate to Sri Lanka. He is currently Chairman of International Trade and tourism for the Cape Chamber of Commerce, Founding Board Member of South African Small, Medium Enterprise Federation, Provincial Manager for the Tourism Enterprise Partnership and “The TEA Lady” at Skylar Investment Holdings. He is involved in a myriad of business which include Green Energy, Brands, Technology, Events, Media, Consulting and his personal favourite his foundation. Jonathan lives by the mantra, “IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME”, he believes that if one wants to make a change for the better he can.

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"Make A Plan" Generation

“Make a plan” or “Maak n plan”  was always the instruction given to me by my parents whenever I wanted