Cash In Cash Out: A Must Read Book For Startup Founders

The financial industry has finally woken up to the reality that technologist are changing this industry. Currently, Africa is amongst leaders in the Financial Technology (FinTech) sector as a result leading banks and other financial institutions are investing in technological innovations. How this all started in Africa is outlined in the Cash In, Cash Out book by the FinTech God-Father: Hannes Van Rensburg.

In 1999, as a technology leader at Sanlam, Hannes Van Rensburg, gave birth to one of the first companies to shape the Fin-Tech industry in Africa. During this period mobile phones were gaining global traction, particularly in emerging markets. At the same time an unusual directive was issued to Hannes van Rensburg,who served as a Chief Information Officer for Sanlam at the time,to walk away from a promising career, and start something – anything – new.

The next thing, Fundamo – a mobile banking start-up that foresaw the spectacular chemistry lying dormant between mobile-phone technology and financial services. This company was later acquired by one of the leading global financial companies -Visa.
A story of this company is captured in a recently published book, Cash In-Cash Out, which maps the journey of Fundamo and it’s founder – Hannes Van Rensburg.
This story will give hope and motivation to teams to overcome impossible challenges.
For startup founders this story will give you a sense of what one needs to build a successful company and then sell it.

The founder of Fundamo is often seen as the father of mobile payments. Voted as one of the one hundred most influential people in telecommunications three years in a row, he lived through the initial years of the creation of the mobile banking industry. Not only as founder and CEO of Fundamo, but also in his active role in industry bodies, he has played an important part in growing the industry.

In Cash In, Cash Out, he tells a personal story, sharing facts about and insights into actual events, but he also talks about what motivated him to build one of Africa’s best-known technology start-up companies.

This book, is a must read for Fintech startup founders and tech startup founders in general.

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