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Are You Harnessing Content Co-creation For Your Business? Here Are 3 Tips To Get Started

Consumers becoming content creators is nothing new. In the digital age, we encourage consumers to contribute through comments, blogs and sharing. We ask consumers to create their own content with a reward for the most exciting contribution, and yet, very few marketers have successfully embraced the opportunity content co-creation presents. Allowing consumers to create their […]

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Michael Jordaan Joins Mxit As Board Chairman

Michael Jordaan, former Chief Executive Officer of First National Bank and recent recipient of the CNBC Africa Business Leader of the Year for Southern Africa award, will join Mxit as chairman of its board of directors. “I have been watching Mxit with interest for several years now. It is difficult not to have a sense […]

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50% Of South Africans Work Remotely: New Study

While the chief executive of a global internet company may recently have banned company employees from home working, new research shows that half the world’s workforce is now productively enjoying flexible working. The 2013 Regus Global Economic Indicator reveals that professionals who are chained to the office desk will soon be the minority. The research, […]

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The Rise Of Coaching As A Career Option

Two decades the idea of a ‘coach’ was a lot more defined that it is now. Learning about yourself as a person, developing communication and planning skills, and understanding the context and strategy of your business: these are some of the aspects of coaching nowadays. ‘Coaching’ is no longer about sport – it’s a business […]

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