Business Management

SARS and the Fat Man

Since age 25 I’ve been running my own business(es), and have struggled with tax laws and regulations ever since. I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get my head around all the countless levies and costs that we have to cough up to our venerable government. Now thanks to the supreme talents […]

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Economies of Age

We’ve all heard of “Economies of Scale”, where companies become more profitable the bigger they get, usually because the same number of people can handle more work, and increased buying power lowers costs. Lately I’ve discovered that there is also “Economies of Age”, which means that companies that have been around for longer have learnt […]

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How to use Email

You should read this article and forward to everyone you know with bad email habits! Geek to Live: Train others how to use email I found this point very helpful, I tend to get distracted by emails coming in the whole time, especially all the Bug Zapper orders! Respond after a few hours. Email was […]

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