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Credit card payments

Reduce Scope To Ease The Pain Of PCI Compliance

Businesses that process credit card transactions are under increasing pressure to comply with global Payment Card Industry (PCI ) security standards – and if our experience at PayGate is anything to go by, the journey is likely to be a painful one. Anybody considering it should prepare themselves for at least two years of intense […]

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Creating animation

Investing In The Future Of Animation

Being taught to invest in our future is a mantra familiar to so many of us from our childhood and adolescent years. And along the way, so many influential people – be they parents, guardians, teachers or even early employers invest both their time and effort, playing such a vital role in helping us achieve […]

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The Founder Institute Comes To Johannesburg

The Founder Institute (FI) is in the exploratory phase of opening it first Johannesburg chapter. The FI is the largest technology incubator globally, operating in over 40 cities and having successfully incubated more than 750 technology startups. The approach of the FI is unique in a number of ways: Firstly, the course is a part time, with lectures […]

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Corporate translation

The Best Of Both Worlds

How computer-aided translation combines human judgment with the efficiency of computers. When expanding into new territories, companies embark on a journey of localisation of their offering that in many cases involves translation of corporate materials such as product manuals, advertising or even brand names. Invariably, they come before a choice – do we use human […]

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March Madness and Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Of March Madness

Mexican-born entrepreneur Pablo Esteves shares his take-out on the unexpected lessons to be learnt from participating in a US sporting event as an outsider. This is my first time – being from Mexico – participating in the all-American pastime of filling out a bracket for March Madness, the single-elimination US college basketball tournament that takes place every […]

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Powertime app for BB10

Powertime App Allows Prepaid Electricity Purchases On BlackBerry 10

Application also helps customers track their power usage Powertime announced today the availability of its Powertime application for BlackBerry® 10 smartphones. The Powertime application enables customers from Eskom and all major municipalities in South Africa to buy prepaid electricity tokens with one click, at any time, using their BlackBerry 10 smartphone. The app also provides […]

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The J Rule

Aaah, To Pounce Or Procrastinate?

Aaah, here we are. The story below may sound extremely familiar, it may be an exact replica of your entrepreneurial story. You see the personality and makeup of entrepreneurs, in my opinion is pretty much the same. There are certain things we like, which we pursue, and things we do not like, which we often […]

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