Financial Management

How To Jumpstart Your Business Post-Recession

South Africa’s economy suffered weak growth outcomes in the first half of 2017, owing to two sovereign credit rating downgrades, a domestic political crisis, and a second technical recession. More doom and gloom kicked offspring in the form of a fuel price hike. Then, out of nowhere, came news from Statistics South Africa that the […]

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The Future Of Financial Planning

The arrival of robo-advisors on the financial services scene in South Africa is expected to have a significant impact on how South Africans invest their money and plan for their retirement.   We can book accommodation, get a taxi, have food delivered and watch movies – all conveniently from behind a tablet or smartphone. Now […]

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Why Entrepreneurs Need To Understand Accounting

Entrepreneurs who don’t understand basic accounting concepts are setting themselves up for unnecessary stress and failure, says Peter Frampton of Color Accounting International; but, he adds, the good news is that everyone can learn the basic skills they need. “Business owners often tell us they’re slightly intimidated when meeting their accountants,” says Frampton. “They end […]

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Online Security: The Next Challenge For Retail Stores

Retailers moving into the online space for the first time face risks that don’t exist in the bricks-and-mortar world, says Brendon Williamson, general manager of business development at payment services provider PayGate – and they need to ensure they are well protected. Merchants selling virtual goods like airtime or vouchers are the most vulnerable, he […]

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2014 National Budget Analysis

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan delivered no surprises in his Budget Speech on 26 February, favouring consistency and steadiness over change and fireworks ahead of the national election on 7 May. His Budget Speech once again put job creation, infrastructure development, social spending and education right on top of the nation’s list of priorities. Taxpayers will […]

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Bound By Long Term, Fixed Leases? There May Be Another Way – Survey

Three quarters of South African respondents believe flexible working is a critical measure to achieving higher productivity (76%), according to a new research survey. This result confirms that in any economic climate, but particularly in times of high market volatility, businesses continue to review their strategies in order to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. Experts […]

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