Financial Management

Make A Difference And Make A Profit: Responsible Investing In Africa

As the newly appointed local representative of the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, Xolisa Dhlamini is working to ensure South Africa takes responsible investment seriously. The market-based economy that drives the allocation of the earth’s scarce economic resources has given rise to a number of social inequalities and environmental impacts which affect organisations and individuals […]

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Reading The Financial Writing On The Wall: The Importance Of Demystifying The Language Of Finance

It is not impossible to gain a basic financial understanding of business and this could make the difference between success and failure for an organisation, says veteran instructor Colin Firer at the UCT Graduate School of Business. “What would you think of a physician who couldn’t read x-rays or lab reports, or a conductor who couldn’t read music?” […]

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Key Learnings From The 2013 Budget Speech

Whether you are clued up about all things financial or not, come Budget Speech time, every taxpayer needs to know how new legislation will affect them. From changes to the income tax brackets and rates, to new “sin tax” rates on alcohol and cigarettes, to the truth on how much money the government plans to […]

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Money, Our Constant Companion

Money and humans are inseparable. Often there is a shortage but what there is has to be secured. Cash handling systems touch lives around every corner, but in general these systems are taken for granted and are seldom thought about (except for the vast majority of people that handle or recycle cash). Consumers will pay […]

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Are Banks Missing An Opportunity?

I was fed, clothed and educated by and on small business. My parents were consummate entrepreneurs – always innovating in their own business and exploring new business opportunities. However, the one consistency was always whom they banked with – come rain come shine, my parents banked with ‘beep’ bank. I queried why they had chosen […]

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