Is It A Bad Thing To Work For Government?

Skills and service levels in government are common topics of discussion. But are these often negative discussions justified? Do government officials have the required skills to fulfill on their job descriptions and provide acceptable service delivery? The Limpopo textbook debacle is a clear example of governmental ineffectiveness. Poor service delivery is not just a South […]

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HR Steps Up As Ad Spend Goes Down

Advertising spend is in decline, and employees are stepping into the gap as brand ambassadors for their companies – making HR investment all the more important, says a leading corporate researcher. HR is becoming an essential investment in company image as advertising spend declines the world over, says corporate research expert Samantha Crous. As consumers […]

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HR Innovation

Innovation And Good HR: You Can’t Have One Without The Other

Innovation is crucial to the survival and success of most modern-day companies and the Human Resources function is key to establishing a culture of innovation within any corporation. The HR function are becoming strategic role players in promoting innovative approaches at companies. Reinvention and creative thinking in terms of novel services, new markets and organisational […]

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Engaged employee

Employee Engagement Case Study By Adapt to Change

Adapt to Change were awarded a contract by a client to completely revamp their warehouse in only three months. Inventory levels were incredibly high and as a result, some items had to be stored in multiple locations throughout the warehouse, making it almost impossible to reliably apply the FIFO (First In First Out) principle.    […]

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People Branding

Make People And Branding Your Recipe For Success

The Human Resource management field is changing fast, becoming a major strategic player for organisations and leading the way in which companies are perceived – not only by their employees – but by customers and clients as well. Human resource management or HR is quickly developing into a cutting-edge sector within companies, responsible for spearheading […]

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Corporate internal communication

Social Media: An Essential Tool For Internal Communication

Social media is becoming more and more pervasive and has already been entrenched as a tool for external marketing. But what about internal communication? New research shows it might be groundbreaking there as well. Harnessing social media for business purposes has been firmly embraced by the savviest companies, and recent research shows that lately, the […]

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