Entrepreneurship Falls To New Low In SA

Almost three years after the FIFA Soccer World Cup, entrepreneurial activity in South Africa has dropped to an alarming new low. Entrepreneurship in South Africa has fallen dramatically with economic experts worrying about the impact on the economy and job prospects for young South Africans. According to research released by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor at […]

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Women in business

The World Needs Diversity

Traditional patriarchal structures must give way to more diverse approaches that blend masculine and feminine values if we want to solve the new generation of economic, social and environmental crises in the world. What our recession-weary, environmentally-challenged and stressful world really needs – is more women at the top – not only in businesses but […]

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Cricket SA Launches Mxit App

Lovecricket brings fans closer to the game with mobile. Cricket South Africa (CSA) launched its first mobile-only community, lovecricket, on Mxit last week. Mxit is South Africa’s largest mobile social network. The app gives fans match details, player profiles, match scores, news, polls and an opportunity to have their say. Naasei Appiah, CSA acting CEO […]

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What Is South Africa’s Solution?

In its manifesto the ANC commits to building a better life for all and to the transformation of South African society. Government has shown insight in proclaiming that political transformation without economic emancipation is meaningless and has committed to economic freedom for all. In such, job creation became a focus area. This is sound thinking, […]

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Is B-BBEE Really Benefiting Its Intended Target Market?

The term Black Economic Empowerment conjures up many positive and negative feelings for various reasons. South Africa’s government initiated Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) in a bid to redress the inequalities of the past and empower the South African people. The programme has evolved significantly over the years and, while positive in many respects, has […]

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The Mobile Retail Revolution

The 2012 African Mobile Factbook (Blycroft Publishing) revealed a few interesting revelations. We know that commerce in Africa is steadily becoming dependant on mobile. Some analysts are even predicting that Africa will become the world’s first post-PC region of the world, with countries such as Botswana, Gabon and South Africa having a mobile penetration of […]

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What South Africa Can Expect In 2013

2013 has arrived and we’re still here. The world did not end as predicted in December 2012, which is a great lesson in why one shouldn’t make predictions, especially predictions 1000 years into the future. What we can do, however, is to analyse our environment and consider some of the events that could have a […]

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