1 Min. With A Superhero: Gareth Cliff

After last week”s review of his book “On Everything” we managed to corner 5fm morning show host Gareth Cliff in between his jam-packed schedule of deejaying, tweeting, idol-judging and general hooliganism for a quick interview. Gareth, at Ideate we’ve seen firsthand your ability to generate attention. For example, when we published your ‘letter to government’ […]

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1 Min. With A Superhero: ORM Expert Tim Shier

We caught up with Tim Shier, the Managing Director of BrandsEye, one of a handful of South African companies lighting up the tech segment. Brandseye assists companies to monitor and manage their online reputation by tracking and measuring key words and phrases relating to their brand. Brandseye is being used by small, medium and big […]

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What Makes An Entrepreneur Successful?

According to Denvor Phokaners, CEO of Enterprise Development Essentials, entrepreneurs are born with certain characteristics that are conducive to them surviving as entrepreneurs. They have the inherent ingredients to keep them determined and focused. It takes a push in the right environment and an opportunity in which to develop and learn certain skills. “A good […]

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1 Min. With A Superhero: SEO Expert Rafiq Phillips

Ideate managed to catch up with SEO superstar, MIH tech-wizard and WebAddict Rafiq Phillips to chat about technology, tips and techniques South African entrepreneurs can employ in their own websites. Rafiq, thanks for chatting to us at Ideate. You’ve been featured in numerous magazines, blog forums and interviews – hell, you’ve even been on Carte […]

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