Build Your Own Brand For Your Startup

One of the challenges as a small start-up is that from the get go you are not only competing with local businesses but also global businesses. We all start out very gung-ho, with stars in our eyes, on our journey to change the world. You feel that you are the epitome of optimism and your […]

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Marketing Associations Collaborate To Advance Marketing Profession

In a dynamic, vibrant but ever changing industry it is relationships and collaboration that strengthen and protect. In such, the Marketing Association of South Africa [MA(SA)] took an active role in an Interdependent Partnership between various industry associations operating in the marketing arena. The intent and primary objective of the Interdependent Partnership (IP) is to […]

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#ShareACoke: Social Media Lesson From CocaCola

At the start of summer 2013, Coca-Cola South Africa announced that they would be swapping their name with the most popular names in Mzansi. 450 of the country’s most popular first names were selected and printed on selected Coca-Cola packaging. Excited consumers discovered the various names and as the word spread through social media, more […]

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Stellenbosch Goes Digital Via StellenBlog

South Africa’s granddaddy of wine routes, the Stellenbosch American Express® Wine Routes, has launched a new blog – StellenBlog – as part of its dynamic marketing campaign, Stellenbosch Experience, which was launched in collaboration with Stellenbosch 360 to expand the region’s wine tourism footprint locally and aboard. The new, inter-active StellenBlog shares and celebrates the […]

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