Innovation In Lean times

Much has been written on the subject of what to do about innovation in lean times. Many writers and bloggers all have a general idea of what to do, and many advocate similar strategies such as cutting costs, focusing effort on quick-return productivity enhancements and aggressively cutting out low-potential innovations. Marketing, sponsorship, bonuses, increases, R&D […]

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Packaging Has A Purpose

Although there is a recent trend away from over-packaged products due to a growing concern for the environment, we cannot negate the necessity of packaging. Packaging plays an important role in terms of protection, storage and hygienic handling of a product. Also importantly, packaging plays a key role in the marketing mix. Timothy Beattie, General […]

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Corporate Use Of ‘Gamification’ Drives Brand Engagement And Business Goals

Companies of all kinds have begun to introduce‘ gamification’ into the way their products, processes, training and marketing are presented and consumed. Gamification is particularly successful at promoting engagement with brands and portfolios, and driving strategic objectives like increased sales, marketing and even innovation. This is because of a predisposition in many people to respond […]

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Gearing Up For Growth: Launches New Website Ahead Of The Busy Festive Season

In preparation for the very competitive trading period that is the festive season, has launched a new website – the first phase of ongoing site enhancements that will fundamentally change the site’s usability and the customer experience. These changes will complement’s renowned focus on delivering a “wow” customer service experience. With the number […]

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