ElastiBand®: Make Your Two-For-One A Whole-In-One

With the tough competition between brands in today’s retail environment, more and more brand owners are turning to promotional pricing strategies to boost sales and increase reach. The multiple products promotion is one of the most recognised strategies on the retail market, and entails a brand offering an additional product, free of charge, with the […]

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Gumroad – Sell Like You Share

19 year-old Sahil Lavingia is the designer/founder/CEO of Gumroad. He was previously at Pinterest and has an impressive list of projects he has either started or been involved in on his website. Sahil has now turned his attention to Gumroad, a startup that aims to help you sell like you share, easily and quickly. “Gumroad […]

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Digital Customer Care: Are You Listening?

When it comes to digital, Customer Service Excellence is in huge demand. With the instant nature of the world we live in that includes Twitter, Facebook and the like, consumers have a permanent mouthpiece to sprout information and commentary about your business. As the old saying goes, “It takes months to gain a customer and […]

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Upcoming September Heavy Chef Session: Johannesburg With Angus Robinson And Jon Hoehler On M-commerce

This month The Heavy Chef Project is pleased to announce the rather unexplored topic of M-commerce. Last month’s session with Shirley Wakefield shed light on the undeniable importance of mobile in Africa, which provided a solid foundation for what we will examine next – mobile shopping. Angus Robinson is the Director of Mobile, Content, Community […]

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Have You Secured Your Seat At The On-line Retailing Conference And Exhibition Cape Town 2012?

Trade Conferences International’s fourth bi-annual Online Retailing Conference Cape Town 2012 will bring professionals from; technology, innovation, management, implementation, governance, and security all together in the melting pot of twenty-first century online retailing. An independent study held by a major South African retail group shows that retail conducted online only accounts for 0.5% of the […]

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Are We Customer Driven?

One of the most common questions I am often asked is, “Aki, where do we start with our marketing efforts?” It’s a huge question, and I could probably take five days to answer it and still only scratch the surface. The simplest answer would be to cover three main steps: Find out what your customers […]

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