Skills Development

Investing In Employee Development

Ensuring a strong and effective workforce normally involves improving recruitment strategies and encouraging a good organisational culture. However, another (often underrated) strategy is employee development – investment in employment productivity and retention through provision of opportunities for career progression and job satisfaction. A strong employee development programme is a necessary aspect of the internal workings […]

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Effective management

Skills That Make Effective Managers

Successful managers can be hard to find, as not everyone has the right balance of skills, experience and knowledge. Often, employees are promoted to managerial positions before they are equipped with the right skill set, and are then left with little support to face their team. In situations like this, there can be many landmines […]

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Business and corporate coaching

Make Coaching Your Business

Whether you currently run a business, or are planning to start your own business, it is important to understand that your human capital is arguably your most important asset. The talent within your business, and their professional development, is crucial to your overall business performance. It’s important that you nurture your employees to ensure they are able to meet […]

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Reading The Financial Writing On The Wall: The Importance Of Demystifying The Language Of Finance

It is not impossible to gain a basic financial understanding of business and this could make the difference between success and failure for an organisation, says veteran instructor Colin Firer at the UCT Graduate School of Business. “What would you think of a physician who couldn’t read x-rays or lab reports, or a conductor who couldn’t read music?” […]

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Time To Talk Webinar: How Poor Communication Affects Business And How To Avoid The Pitfalls

View the Time To Talk webinar, presented by continuous improvement and supply chain consultants Adapt to Change. The webinar, which can be viewed here, focuses on helping business owners, managers and employees make effective and sustainable changes to their communication habits and processes. The event was hosted by Adapt to Change, a team of consultants […]

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Filling The Gap: Building African Managers For Africa

New research shows that Africa is lacking in high-quality managers with the skills and competencies to capitalise on the continent’s economic potential. Part of the problem lies in the type of management that does exist: the continent needs to produce managers that are suited for Africa’s requirements. The latest research by the African Management Institution (AMI) […]

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Lady Gaga And The Corporate Differentiator

In the quest to stand out in the market place great companies are moving beyond differentiators to embrace the philosophy of lean leadership. If it’s true that art imitates life, then Lady Gaga would be a good indication of the challenges facing businesses today in their effort to stand out from their competitors in a […]

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INSETA Learnership Solves SMME Woes

The recent graduation of 102 new FAIS-compliant learners as part of the pilot INSETA SMME learnership demonstrates the effectiveness of learnerships to boost skills and create employment in the sector. SMMEs in the insurance sector have found themselves in dire straits in recent years. Loss of employees and skills due to dissatisfaction with FAIS compliance regulations, lower than expected […]

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Business School Teams Up With Practice Experts To Boost High Potential Entrepreneurs

A new short course that blends the best of theory and practice is giving early-stage, high growth entrepreneurs in South Africa blueprint for success. Cape Town is brimming with high-growth potential, early-stage entrepreneurial activity but too many of these businesses don’t make it get past the initial business plan stage. Keet Van Zyl, partner at Knife Capital […]

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