Skills Development

Mangosuthu University Of Technology (MUT) Embraces Social Media To Revolutionise Communication

Looking to utilise digital and social media channels to improve communication and learning, Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) brought in the Heavy Chef team to increase understanding of the medium and facilitate idea generation. It is an innovative step for a university situated in a largely rural environment. “The MUT team chose to bring on […]

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What India Has Taught Me About Bridging The Skills Gap In SA

The dearth of ICT skills in the industry has exasperated businesses and tech academies alike. Firms are both aggressively competing for staff and over-outsourcing skills, placing significant pressure on the industry. A visit to global India-based, business-focused conference revealed an impressive degree of integration between tech companies and universities, which seems to have mitigated many […]

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Growing South Africa’s Skills Quotient

South Africa’s performance in several key economic areas – and a few others that haven’t enjoyed due priority – has been moderate in the past few years, when most commentators have been expecting explosive growth. Focus area flops For a long time, one of SA’s most hyped exports, our business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, has […]

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