Young Entrepreneurs

The Hope Factory

Entrepreneurship In Action

On June 4th The Hope Factory showcased the way it is contributing to entrepreneurial development at its annual Stakeholder Appreciation Day. The Hope Factory is an established Enterprise Development organisation associated with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). It mentors and trains potential black entrepreneurs to develop life and business skills in order […]

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Emerging Stars

Emerging Economies Offer Exclusive Business Opportunities

Emerging Stars is proud to announce the launch of their extended online service designed to partner entrepreneurs, distributors and investors. is an online portal that offers a selection of business opportunities in emerging economies. These exclusive opportunities include projects like greenhouse farming in Rwanda, a bio medicals company in Russia or a wood pellet […]

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Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship

Grade 12’s: Last Call To Apply For Fellowship

Applications to the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship close 30 April for Grade 12’s. The deadline to apply for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship is near: Applications for Grade 12’s close at the end of this month. The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, which aims to develop a new generation of dynamic entrepreneurial leaders who […]

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Entrepreneurship And Barcelona FC

I recently attended a session on what was termed the “Entrepreneurship Ecosystem”.  I left thinking, this is nothing new and, with all due respect, is just another way of phrasing what already exists out there for budding entrepreneurs: A group of stakeholders who offer services to help entrepreneurs. What we need to have is an […]

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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

When I was in Joburg recently, I was privileged to visit a high school where young people are encouraged to start businesses while they are at the school. Over lunch, some of them told me about their current projects and future dreams. It was inspiring. And they are aiming high. Some plan to move into […]

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