Enhancing The #TownshipEconomy Through Entrepreneurship

Creating ecosystems in South African townships has been the buzzwords in entrepreneurship. With so much trade taking place in the townships; formalising it would mean the growth of the whole country’s economy. Creating and shaping the township economy is the key discussion at the Ekasi Business Conference currently in session and continuing tomorrow (14 November 2014).

Dubbed under the theme; elevating entrepreneurship in townships, the conference  highlights solutions to social ills and the importance of collaborations. With the intention of creating an ecosystem; the conference carries a diverse culture of entrepreneurs from IT to manufacturing, from young to old; and from established to aspiring entrepreneurs. These include business developers, government departments, agencies and institutions, private sector, executives from big companies, buyers and procurement managers, investors, incubators, academia, business advisors, mentors, start-up businesses and established businesses.

“Entrepreneurs, especially those based in the townships, need to understand that to create a functional ecosystem; there should be more collaborations and understanding of the power of leveraging. There is so much trade in the townships; we need to ensure that it is trapped in the townships,” said Luvuyo Rani who is the founder of the Ekasi Business Network – a network of a group of entrepreneurs that gather monthly to talk entrepreneurship issues.

Organised by the Ekasi Business Network, the conference brought aspiring entrepreneurs together with industry leaders with the aim of highlighting social challenges and ensuring that township entrepreneurs are informed, trained and connected with the necessary institutions that will assist them in propelling their businesses.

The conference features experts who are  on standby to advise entrepreneurs regarding issues that they face in their businesses on a day-to-day basis. Ekasi entrepreneurs are also attending different workshops to help enhance the business skills that they already possess.

For more information about the conference; please visit www.ekasientrepreneurship.co.za