Entrepreneurship Information Platform Designed For You

We live in the age where there’s information overload. From the moment you wake up an entrepreneur is bombarded by the latest news from all startup magazines, hubs and eco-systems.

At IDEATE we believe that too much information is a time waster.
Over the past few months IDEATE has been sharing content that is designed to enable entrepreneurs to access information that makes a difference in their businesses.
Whenever we share information we carefully choose information that we believe can truly make a difference in your business.
At times we share information about opportunities however we are never sure who uses such information, we don’t know the impact of the information we share.

At this point we would like to form a better relationship with the IDEATE audience. We do not want to waste your time with irrelevant information.
We want to know the people who appreciate the information we share. We want to know how much impact this information has in your business.
This information will help us to tailor the information we share with everyone who enjoys the information we share. If we come across an opportunity information we will know exactly who will benefit from such an opportunity.

In the next few days we we will make direct contact with with our followers on social media platforms. We will also appreciate feedback from people who enjoy IDEATE information.
Soon we will arrange meetup sessions where we will meet in person with our audience.
For now we have prepared a special place for people who matter at IDEATE and you can join us here.
Feel free to send me an email and share feedback here – wesley@ideate.co.za