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Maybe something like the above recycling bins are already available in South Africa, if they are, they certainly haven’t been marketed very well. I think there is a gap in the SA market – a super easy recycling solution for the South African household. I’m the kind of guy that needs a system to ensure that it’s going to work. Simply having an extra bag/box for recycling next to your current bin isn’t going to cut it. I need gear! I need something official! I need something that’s going to look good! I need some decent recycling kit! is making it ultra easy for the home and office recycler, providing a huge range of bins that will assist in your recycling regime. There is also another challenge that needs to be overcome – a more available system to facilitate the collection of your neatly sorted waste from your home or office.

Does anyone know what types of recycling services are already available in SA?

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  1. Dear Shane,

    I completely agree with you and have thought about this business idea a little bit. The problem in our country is that although we do sort our waste into the different bins, when the waste truck comes along, they pile it into the same container – mixing it all up again. The Ronnie Bags for paper is only distributed in some areas.

    So this leaves us with the additional effort of having to take our seperated-waste to the dumps.

    The solution, I think, therefor lies in a company that collects waste from homes and take them directly to the recycling plants.

    There are a few companies who do collect waste, but only from businesses. One example is Mzansi Office Recycling and Consumables

    I would love to be involved in some kind of an initiative towards this!!


  2. Hi Lindi – the website link ( you added doesn’t work. I agree with you analysis of the situation and bizarrely enough was just debating the merits of buying a bin from vs the environmental impacts of getting it flown in from the UK.

    Surely the way forward in terms of product is to sponsor an industrial design competition to produce low impact sustainably produced recycle bins in the mould of

  3. I think this is an exciting idea and i have long being ready to venture into such kind of simple money making initiative.

  4. What a fantastic bin! Sounds bizarre indeed but I completely agree with you Shane, I too need something that looks good but also doesn’t take up too much room looking good! Thank you!

  5. Do youself a favour and watch the American Hit Show – ‘Penn & Teller’ on recycling. An eye opener!

  6. A very good idea indeed.I know of this fantastic company in Cape Town called Clearer Conscience. They are a recycling service and they give you a free bin when you get weekly pickups. here is the site

  7. Great Idea I was thinkin of inventing a bin and the second picture is great but should have the five divisions as the first bin. But to make the bins out of recycled plastic. I think its a great idea and needs to be promoted throughout South Africa. I think more people need to act on this idea…

  8. Hey guys just to let you know that in the Lonehill area there is a blue bag initiative whereby you leave all your recyclables in special blue bags beside the normal rubish on collection day. A sepcial trick will then pick up these blue bags for recycling.

    Otherwise you can subscribe to resolution recycling that collects fornightly all your recyclables and you don’t even have to seperate them.

  9. Howzit guys. I think this is a great initiative and I am doing research into the industry. I am looking for business partners to set up product and service recycling business in Durban. Does anyone know of someone who would be interested in such an initiative?

  10. There is a new recycling company called THINK GREEN RECYCLE they only collect from complexes and residential homes. They put a sticker on the complex bins paper, glass, tin etc… and they also give the complex a little sign that says WE THINK GREEN RECYCLE
    they come once a week but you have to register your complex or house with them and it is FREE OF CHARGE which is great and they sort the other rubish out that people have put into the wrong bins.
    send them a mail:

  11. Hi

    I reside in Durban and its quiet sad that we are so backwards with recycling. Cape Town and Joburg seem to be doing so well.

    I’m really keen in getting invovled in a recycling business. Theres so many ways that we can help the environment and we need to start acting fast.
    Simon Inglis if you read this comment you can contact me on e-mail address: or 031 3111523 (b/h).

  12. Krishnee,

    I also live in Durban and I have found it very difficult to be a proactive recycler. I did discover a drop off zone at the Pavilion the other day though, making it a bit easier for me.
    I don’t think too many people are aware of this drop off zone, and there doesn’t seem to be any advertising for it anywhere other than at the actual site.

    I hope that more people become proactive in this and there needs to be a bigger campaign to create awareness and better yet actually get people to recycle!

  13. We have can crushing machines for hire. If you interested call Trevor on 0824621989. This is a unigue idea and with a environmental message.The Lucky-Can machine is a Swiss concept locally manufactured machine which promote recycling of bevarage cans in a way of a game rewarding the player/recycler with small gifts/prizes donated by advertisers and sposors.

  14. ecomonkey,
    We would like to introduce ourselves to you.
    And if possible setup a meeting with you.
    The planet is in danger of being destroyed by our greatest threat! Ourselves. It is up to you to ensure we do not destroy the environment in which we live and the future environment in which our children will live.
    The first step to ensure the survival of our planet is a phenomenon which is sweeping the world! Recycling. Recycling is as simple as separating your home waste and educating our children to do the same. If we all take this first step, it will make a huge difference to our environment and ensure that the various recyclables are recycled and disposed of in the correct manner, or sent to the correct facilities for re-use.
    Recycling is a great way to save our natural resources and even generate energy.
    At ecomonkey we are taking the first important step to achieve just this, by working with the community to clean up our local areas, parks and streams, creating a clean environment, and employment for the under privileged..
    We Make a difference,
    Do you???
    Lets all take the first step in creating a cleaner environment & ensuring that our children have a bright clean future?

  15. What if our Pick-up trucks were as colourfully and systematically compartmentalised as the above picture of the three-part-bin, yes it would be pricey to sanction an entire fleet of new rainbow-colour coded trucks but that might be a point to reflect on in the future. Hence dump sites would also be required to be compartmentalised, and so forth…

  16. does anyone ( maybe Jane?) knows the correct email /website for I would like to contact them and register the complex I live in ( in Stellenbosch) to put separate marked bins there for glass/paper/tins.

    There is about 80 people living in the complex, and I think if everyone just sort their rubbish out before they just dump it at the central rubbish dump in our complex, it will make a hige difference.

    does anyone perhaps have any ideas what I can do ??

  17. I am interested in opening my recycle small bus co, but where will I get advice and how do you get customers? Do you have to go door to door or make an advert? How much is needed to start thi business? Please give me advise

  18. Hi Lungile, Please give me a call I will assist you as part of our recycling service we assist in setting up small bus, with the collection service.

  19. I will give you a call smetime this week, thank you. If I dont give you a call, on my behalf Sifiso Xulu will, as he is also interested in doing the same thing. And please let him know more about franchising if possible, Thanx for the response, much appreciated!

  20. Hi Shane,
    I am resident in Somerset West, Western Cape.
    In my past life, 6 yrs ago I was a Roto-moulder in Sebenza near Edenvale. My experience goes back to 1975 when I first worked for my late father-in-law(a pioneer in this field);
    I was approached by 2 ladies who had been in the USA during the late 1990’s and they came back with an idea to have 3 bins stacked in a frame. Good idea but the Municipalities were not geared up for this. Last year in August I was with my sons in the UK, and on the BBC news one day it was announced that Germany had ordered 40 million wheelie bins to get there recycling act in gear. I am currently exploring ideas for this need, as the CTCC has already got Waste Plan going which is working fine. In one week I can fill 2 bags of recyclables and that is with 2-3 residents in our home.I did not even put my bin out for collection today! You can also use all kitchen waste in the garden with an earthworm factory!
    I’d like to keep in touch as this is a need in this country which our Government (including Nationalist Gov.) has neglected for many years. In the UK/EU/USA there are dozen’s of recycling agencies.
    Waste Plan is going to grow as some areas in the Cape have NOT been serviced yet.
    I am looking for a sponser/investor for this idea as I have all the knowledge needed to put the wheels in motion.
    Clive Knight. cell:0825741938

  21. We require recycling bins, the cardboard ones for our offices. I need 5 for my CPT branches and 1 for my JNB branch. I have not found one company to provide me with them or information as to where I could get them. It is frustrating. Please assist me in anyway you can.

  22. i need bins for my school we tryn to start recyling and go green but are not willing to pay much simon(ecomonky) can u help me 0782286627

  23. Hi Guys

    i am very much interested in starting a recycling business. i am currently based in the UK and returning to SA next month. here recycling has become mandatory, each household has at least 3 wheelie bins and a paper bag and to be honest it’s working brilliantly, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work in SA it’s just about intoducing people to recycling and it works. I know initially here people where annoyed about having all these different bins, but now we all recycling in our households. Simon please email me or i will give you a call later on

  24. Hi Simon

    Idea sound excellent. I have a few ideas to take it to maybe take fruition. Like Dineo I am also returning to SA after spending some time in the UK. This idea is very feasible in our growing economy.

  25. Hi,
    We are in the process of a recycle network, (community based), offering recycle bins and bags, and collections from corporates, schools, and households.
    Currently our network meetings are on Saturday mornings at our local school.
    We would welcome any thoughts and suggestions from like-minded people.
    Tel: 021 801 7827 , 082 371 2227.

  26. We are on a way of establishing ourselves a entrepreneur.We are collecting papers in schools and plastics in the community for recycling.We are in dire need of bins.
    Is there anyway we can get assistance.This is the only way of making ends meet and cleaning the enviroment
    Great passion is what we possess saving the planet for the future generations
    Your response will make a great day

  27. I have just heard that our homeowners association rejected my proposal of 5 recyling bins on the property. I have a sponsor for the initial outlay of the bins, but need the body corporate to pay for the monthly fee to dispose the waste. I feel helpless!!

  28. Hi;

    Rirothe Recycling would like to offer you or your company, townhouse complex and shopping center our excellent recycling services. We recycle the following waste products

    – Paper and Cardboard
    – Glass
    – Plastic
    – Used Oil
    – Scrap Metals
    – Computers, Printers and Cartridges
    – Shredding Services

    We collect all over Gauteng. Please contact us on 0722030884 or

  29. I am interested in starting a recyling business. I will like some advice on how to go about starting . At the moment am living in the USA and thing are done differently here.
    I just want to know how things are done in South Africa, so that i can research more information in the US and use it back in SA.

    Companies that are interested we can work hand in hand.

  30. Fantastic idea Shane! I agree with the logistic nightmare in SA though. I have looked into several options for enviro friendly businesses in Durban area. Anyone interested in the Durban area, can email me:

  31. Its great to see so many people passionate about recycling as i am.
    I have a recycling business called RECYCLE evolution.We collect from homes and businesses, do junk removals and also data destruction.Convincing businesses to leave their excisting ‘straight to the tip’ service is not an easy task .I offer to take their non recycleables to make this conversion simpler. How about recycle bins for the home made from that wonderfull , beautiful and sustainablea stuff, bamboo!

    I’m always looking for cost effective and attratcive ways to get the people
    involved as South Africa is not England.

    I must warn you though, RECYCLING IS ADDICTIVE

  32. We are currently looking for more service partners around South Africa, If you have a Recycling business, or if you are looking at starting one please contact us, as we need to build a national recycling database and service.

  33. Hi Simon,

    I’m interested in starting a small recycling business and also teach my community about recycling. May you please send me your contact details.



  34. If anyone need a factory for the manufacturing of a plastic product – sustainable – contact me on my email (, I have access to a factory producing at 20% of capacity.

  35. Hi Simon,

    I’m interested in starting a small recycling business and also teach my community about recycling, in Bloem. May you please send me your contact details.


  36. Hi Simon. Im also really interested in starting a recycling business, but i don’t know how to go about it, especially with regard to getting the bins. Im currently in the Free State.Please email me the info at

  37. Hi Simon Thom

    Im really intersted in starting arecycling business. Im currently residing in the Free State. I don’t know how to go about starting so i would really appreciate your help. Is there an email address where i can get hold of you or perhaps a business contact number during business hours. Especially regarding the bins and where can i get them


  38. am interested in recycling bus. and am a resident of Francistown in Botswana. Recycling industry not developed this side. Any willing partners from the south african side? or any recyclying centre that would want to be supplied with waste paper or cans let us talk.

  39. I think recycling is really fun thing to do, although I don’t myself but have also been looking at bins for my home…I have two small kids and would love to teach them to live green…I really feel that SA must spend more time and money educating us to recycle and live green…they have the most gorgeous recycling bins at Two Oceans Aquarium…can’t remember the business name…but I will contact the aquarium….

  40. Hi Annuschka

    Please do find out about the company as we are in the process of looking for bins, your info moght just come in handy.

    Thank you

  41. Please do find out about the company as we are in the process of looking for bins, your info might just come in handy.

    Thank you

  42. Thanks Annuschka

    You really helped a lot, thanks. As it is i obtained a catalogue of the various bins they have

  43. Our company manufactures various recycling units for domestic & commercial use. Feel free to contact Sean for any further assistance on 0836255580

  44. Dear Sir / Madam

    I am interested in finding recycle bins for our company, can you please inform me about pricing and procedures.

    Please contact me on this number 011 928 8500

    Kind regards


    Elizabeth Taole
    Switchboard Operator
    Swissport South Africa (Pty) Ltd
    P.O. Box 5511
    O.R. Tambo International Airport

  45. Hi there

    I am interested in finding recycling bins for my church and estate if they allow me to put them there.

    Please contact me on 0820520633 or 0112668321

  46. Hi, I live in a small town out of Durban and I travel 45 mins to drop off my recycling. I would like to know the procedures of starting a recycling business. My main concern is where to drop off all my collections.

  47. I would like to open a recycling business but I live in a small town at SECUNDA .I would like to know where can I drop off the colletion ?and the procedures to start the business.

  48. Hi Shane

    Please could you leave an email for me to contact you. I am interested to distribute for this company as I run a recycling business.


  49. Hi there,
    Can anybody help wiyh some info as to starting a recycling business. I live in a rural town in Northern KZN

  50. Hi

    I am starting a recycling plan at the lodge I work at and would appreciate it if you could advise me on how to start and everything I’ll need. Please e-mail me with information.


  51. Could you please give me more detail regarding this? we live in Rustenburg, and the municipality does not give us the service for recycling. Our church wants to start this for our community and want to spread out for the rest of the town. How do we go to work about this?


  52. hi there,would like to find out more about recycling business, am in Cape Town in the Guguletu township

  53. I need recycling bins for indoors. I prefer stainless steel but it must be one bin with different compartments inside. If anybody can help a.s.a.p We are in Boksburg.

  54. Hi there,

    I am looking to start a recycling program at the school I teach. We are looking for recycling bins. We are situated in Cape Town.

    Any information would be helpful.


  55. Hi

    I am interested in starting a recycling business,involving educational programmea around Gauteng especially in township.My concern is about the health of people living in townships and how our natural resource are depleted.

  56. I own a environemntal consultancy and am keen on getting suppliers of recycle bins. Please email me with costs and catalogues.

  57. My partners and i based in Johannesburg,are planning to start a waste recycle biz.What advice or resources are you able to offer us perhaps.

    This will be in terms of biz plan being drawn up as well working with the local authorities(municipal).
    Any input or suggestions from your side will be appreciated.

  58. Hi. Im IKE and have been doing recycling of plastic bottle and cardboard aqs a new busines due to illness. I have put out some one ton bags and built cadges that i empty every few days.

    Iv gone in to this industry with no experiance but im learning.
    My question is how can i take this further and what i need to grow.

    I have a 3 ton truck, 1 ton bakkie and a four ton trailer.

    If there is any one who wants recycable items removed please contact me on 071 261 4724.

    Thank You
    Ike Voutsinos

  59. Dear Sir / Madam

    I am interested in finding recycle bins for our company, can you please inform me about pricing and procedures.

    Please contact me 021 552-4918


  60. we have started a recycling business in johannesburg for the west rand and northern suburbs …if you need bins and to have these picked up please email me for details ….

  61. Im in Atlantis currently in leanership programe (incubator) for RENABLE GREEN INDUSTRIA looking any ideas and support is welcome.

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