Help Your Friend Find Their Dream Job And Earn Extra Cash

You may love your job, but perhaps your friend doesn’t. Or maybe they are happy enough in their current job, but – like most of us – would be open to a great opportunity should it come their way.

Other than that warm-fuzzy feeling that comes from helping a friend find their dream position, now you can benefit financially too.

Hiring Bounty is a platform that allows you to earn extra cash by referring your friends and acquaintances to their dream job. This crowdsourced recruitment offering lists vacancies in the marketing, IT and finance sectors, and individuals are incentivised to leverage their networks and connect the right individual to the right job through a pre-determined “bounty” offering. A company will place a bounty on a position it has listed on the Hiring Bounty website, and should you refer a candidate and that candidate be appointed, you are casino online both paid the advertised bounty.

The business model is based on the concept that referrals produce better candidates than traditional recruitment options, and that your social network has the most current information regarding your skills and career aspirations.

How it works in five easy steps:

1. Go to and have a look at the jobs currently listed.

2. See a job that you think will be perfect for someone you know? Simply click “I know someone!”

3. Complete the fields on the form that appears, and your friend will receive an email with the job spec.

4. Should your friend apply for the position and be appointed, you will both receive the bounty advertised. I.e. if the bounty was listed as R3000, you will each receive R3000.

5. Find your own dream job on the website? You can apply directly and, if appointed, you will still be paid the advertised bounty.