Investor Showcase For Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs

South Africa faces significant challenges of unemployment, food security, crime and environmental sustainability. SMMEs are critical to addressing these issues  and inclusive and sustainable economy through job creation and service delivery. It is therefore essential that we support these SMMEs.

For the last 10 months the New Economy Accelerator has been incubating entrepreneurs that service low income areas across the country. The NEA will be hosting an investor showcase to mobilise financing for these innovative entrepreneurs. The investor showcase will also see the launch of the African Transition To A New Economy (ATTANE) which is a platform for thought leaders, investors and entrepreneurs in Africa. The goal of ATTANE is to mobilise investment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“We’re really excited about the opportunity to showcase these 10 innovative enterprises that are at the forefront of addressing unemployment, food security and waste in South Africa. They are a clear indication that, given the support, South Africa’s seemingly intractable solutions can be solved.” – Dr Mao Amis

The investor showcase is expected to feature key players from the investment sector including private equity, high net worth individuals, fund managers, supply chain managers and government. The showcase is being held in partnership with the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and the DOEN Foundation at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria from the 27th – 28th June 2016

The African Transition To A New Economy (ATTANE) aims to activate local economies in South Africa to build an inclusive and prosperous society. As part of these efforts, we host the New Economy Accelerator (NEA), a business accelerator programme. Social and environmental high impact startups serving the low income or BoP sector stand a chance to be a part of the NEA programme that aims to accelerate the growth of such enterprises. The growth and acceleration of grassroots enterprises is critical for addressing the significant challenges of unemployment in South Africa. The concept of a ‘New Economy’ is anchored around creating local solutions to address local problems. In this regard new economy entrepreneurs recognise their mission is to serve their local communities, to create job opportunities, upskill their community, and use natural resources sustainably.


Image source: Shutterstock