Jeremy Loops Turns To Crowd To Fund Album And US/UK Tour

Jeremy Loops
Folk musician Jeremy Loops is turning to his passionate listenership to fund his debut album as well as a major tour to the United States where he will play to 400 of the most powerful decision makers in global music.
During the production of his as yet untitled debut album, Loops was invited by renowned music scout Sat Bisla to showcase his music at Musexpo in LA . Often called The United Nations of Music, this annual music conference plays host to executives who represent the world’s biggest record labels, festivals, radio networks, and television, commercial and video gaming.
Speaking about Musexpo, Loops, whose real name is Jeremy Hewitt, said: ‘This is the biggest opportunity of my career and I won’t be able to live with wondering ‘what if’ simply because of costs. At the same time, I have to finish this album as well, no matter what it takes.’
The Jeremy Loops camp are using the trip to Musexpo as the basis for a short tour of the United States and the United Kingdom, with tour stops including LA, New York, London, and concluding in Brighton for The Great Escape Music festival.
To fund these two expensive undertakings – the trip to Musexpo as well as the completion of his debut album – Loops, 29, is turning to his small yet extremely dedicated listenership to get him over the mark. Using popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, his community of listeners and other supporters of his cause can contribute financially to Loops’ project.
In exchange, they will receive his debut album upon its completion as well as a number of other rewards, known as ‘perks’. An innovative aspect of Loops campaign is that in addition to the debut album, scheduled for October, contributors will also receive a CD that contains songs intended for the album that have already been completed. This is to tide his supporters over until the full album arrives. It’s scheduled for release at the end of May and is aptly titled ‘Tiding You Over.’

The Jeremy Loops camp values transparency and has even provided a full budgetary breakdown justifying their campaign goal of $35000.

Speaking on his rise and stature as an independent artist, Loops said: ‘We’re fully aware that all of our success as an act is due to the incredible support we’ve received from the people who connect with our music. So many people have been pushing us to complete this album. I just hope everybody supports us as we push for the next level too, and do our bit for South African music.’

To support the Jeremy Loops crowdfunding campaign, click here.
Photograph by Morne van Zyl.