Local Battery Retailer Uses Innovation To Draw New Customers

Battery Centre has introduced a new and improved battery tester to provide motorists with a quick, comprehensive and reliable report on the state of their batteries.

“Thousands of working batteries are discarded every year as a result of motorists being incorrectly advised,” says Battery Centre Marketing Director, Andrew Webb. “There are actually many reasons why batteries lose starting power – most of which can be corrected without having to completely replace the battery.”

The new battery tester features a test algorithm that is optimised for testing new, unused and in-stock batteries. The tester is equipped with a USB port for the downloading of test reports and it can store up to 100 reports at any given time. A built-in thermal printer also allows customers to receive an immediate print out of their battery test results.

“Getting your battery tested at Battery Centre will give you a true assessment of the remaining battery life, empowering you with the right knowledge to make an informed decision about replacing your battery,” says Webb.

With the new battery tester, the test can be conducted in six seconds and the mobility of the device means that on-site testing can be conducted. Through the use of the optional ‘amp clamp’ the tester can also be used to conduct extended tests for 12V and 24V starting and charging systems.

“At Battery Centre, we pride ourselves on conducting thorough and proper free battery checks – we will never sell a battery simply because it is asked for,” says Webb.

“By equipping Battery Centre outlets with state-of-the-art testing equipment, we can ensure our customers’ needs are fully understood and serviced.”

The new battery tester has been rolled out to Battery Centre outlets across SA and all battery testing is conducted completely free of charge.