Local, Mobile And Social Likely To Feature Massively This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and with that the holidays, where our behaviour becomes more socially networked and driven. In essence there is more time to do social things and more downtime means more time spent on social networks and platforms. David Allardice, Marketing Director at evly.com shares his views on what he thinks will be usefull approaches to maximising the utility of these platforms.

With this comes the opportunity for brands to deliver marketing campaigns that will capture some of the increased spending and brand interaction during the holiday season – and if they are clever they will have directed it to social and mobile ad spend. In fact you may have already noticed the uptick on spending on social and mobile platforms and networks.

You might trick yourself that you’ll have a “digital detox” once you leave the office for vacation but “relapse” to Internet usage is unavoidable. While you may be physically away from your computer, it’s hardto stay away from surfing the web on your mobile – whether it be sharing holiday photos, checking where your friends are hanging out, or looking for shopping discounts. South Africans are never truly offline, with nearly 8 million of us accessing the Internet through our mobile phones.

For social media in particular, there is a vast percentage (13% penetration of population. Ref Social Bakers)of the population using Facebook with approximately 6 million Facebook users in South Africa (ref World Wide Worx). Facebook presents a mechanism for companies to have a dialogue with their customers and market their products. Furthermore, in general, 65% of Facebook users only use the site when they’re not at school or work. The extra hours of summer playtime leads to increased time spent by people on social media, providing businesses with the timely opportunity to engage and attract these potential customers.

There are many ways to sincerely incorporate your brand into your customers’ conversations on Facebook. Here are some practical steps to optimise your brand’s social marketing this holiday season.

Establish Integrated Brand Awareness:

Start creating a context for engagement before the height of the buying season to generate demand for your products. Spread information about your specific offers or products across all your media channels to ensure that your customers are exposed to your message consistently. The customers that were initially engaged will help spread the momentum and encourage others to purchase too.

Use Promotions:

After you have the initial awareness of your offering, it is time to get your customers to act. While customers are aware of your product, promotions provide a heightened incentive for them to interact. A specific campaign over this period that is incentivized with prizesprovides customers more reason to buy now and generate real sales rather than just the awareness (which you should have already built on).

Activate The Last-Minute Shoppers:

The value of last-minute impulsive shoppers should not be overlooked. These shoppers arereached more easily through mobile and social where they can receive and process information on-the-goand make decisions, which are endorsed and referred to by their friends.

Facebook pages for companies, at the most basic level, can provide brand details and act as an informational resource for customers. Applications, such as promotions and idea generation, take this interaction to the next level to generate engagement and activation of customers.The majority of Facebook applications are not fully optimised for mobile, but the local social marketing solution evlyprovides a range of off-the-shelf and customisable apps optimized for effective useon any device.evly offers a solution for brands and agencies to engage with their Facebook fans no matter where their users are, wherever the conversation is happening. For a limited time, evly is offering discounts, up to 70%, on its off-the-shelf apps, as well asspecial bonuses with free design and mobile enabled set-up.