Luke Townsin On Twitter And The Mobile Stream: Heavy Chef Video Release

World Wide Creative’s practical learning platform, Heavy Chef was headlined by Luke Townsin, Twitter’s Head of Brand Strategy (Multinational EMEA) on 18 September 2014. Presenting on Twitter And The Mobile Stream, Luke enlightened the audience on the major trends in content consumption and how brands can streamline their content to stand out in a mobile-driven age. Luke’s speaker video showcases the main take-outs from his presentation.

According to Luke, brands are faced with the challenge of generating content that is more compelling than what is currently on their audience’s smartphones or mobile devices. It’s a challenge that is grounded in the existence of what can be referred to as the “mobile stream,” or the continuous flow of new content and live updates online.

The prevailing trend in online user behaviour is parallel consumption or what Luke refers to as “meerkatting” – when users consume or engage with content on different devices at the same time. Content needs to create “tappable” or instantaneous links to brands and websites in order for it to leave a lasting impression.Luke’s talk also covers Twitter’s newest developments that equip brands with the tools they need to convey effective messaging on the mobile stream. You can watch his Heavy Chef speaker video here. To become part of the Heavy Chef community, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also be the first to receive invitations for future events and updates by signing up to our monthly newsletter here.

What is Heavy Chef all about?

As an initiative of digital marketing agency World Wide Creative, the Heavy Chef project is a platform for practical learning – where South Africa’s digital community collaborates, shares ideas and discusses the latest web marketing news. The name comes from the expression “Never trust a skinny chef” and our aim to learn from Heavy Chefs – in other words, those rare folk who eat their own food, walk the talk and practice what they preach.

Heavy Chef is sponsored by: Ad Dynamo, Twitter, Microsoft, Nokia RSA, Backsberg Wines, Uber and Channel Mobile.

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