Marketing Associations Collaborate To Advance Marketing Profession

In a dynamic, vibrant but ever changing industry it is relationships and collaboration that strengthen and protect. In such, the Marketing Association of South Africa [MA(SA)] took an active role in an Interdependent Partnership between various industry associations operating in the marketing arena.

The intent and primary objective of the Interdependent Partnership (IP) is to discuss common issues affecting the marketing industry at large, while forming a united front in taking on any necessary or pressing issues. The Interdependent Partnership is indicative of industry taking control of its own destiny.

At the first IP meeting of 2014 Education and Training came under the spotlight as an urgent matter to be dealt with in context of the newly established Quality Control for Trades and Occupations (QTCO). The existing Marketing qualifications that are registered on NQF are due to lapse at the end of June 2015, presenting the ideal opportunity for the marketing industry to work together to ensure that the qualifications that are achieved by individuals seeking a career in marketing are relevant.
An IP project team has been mandated to investigate and develop the relevant proposals for the industry. This task team will be responsible for developing the terms of reference and representing the marketing industry in steering these new industry qualifications through the many processes and procedures. The task force comprises representatives of each of the larger associations, who will be tasked with interacting and consulting with their members.

In line with the Association’s primary objectives, MA(SA) will, along with the other major marketing bodies, play an active role in speaking for marketing and helping to ensure that marketers keep up to date with this ever and rapidly changing field. Newcomers will also be exposed to learning, allowing them to acquire skills and workplace experience that will make them assets to employers in the field.


The Interdependent Partnership has been formed by the heads of marketing industry associations such as The Marketing Association, The Direct Marketing Association, The South African Marketing Research Association, the Advertising and Communications Association of South Africa, the Public Relations Institute of South Africa, Contact Centre Management Group and Out of Home Media South Africa.
It is clear that this is a group of highly acclaimed marketing professionals with a passion for the industry, providing input into common matters of interest and combined solutions to industry problems.

Image source: Shutterstock