NATIVE Invites 4X4 Enthusiasts To Go Off-Road, Online, With Isuzu’s Trail View

Isuzu Trail Viewer

When Isuzu decided to launch its new range of Isuzu KBs, it didn’t want ‘just another campaign’, it wanted to make a meaningful impact on its 4X4 community and prove that the Isuzu KB was a capable bakkie in every way.

“When Isuzu approached the NATIVE team with the challenge, we knew we needed to create a piece of purpose-driven work that lives in peoples lives. Rather than doing a campaign that talks about the Isuzu KB and its capabilities, we decided to push the bakkie to its limits and create an online platform for South Africa’s 4×4 community,” says Ryan McManus, Executive Creator Director at NATIVE.

So the Isuzu Trail View  idea was born. Isuzu provided vehicles, the Offroad Academy provided drivers and NATIVE climbed on board to map out 4X4 trails around the country with an innovative 360-degree camera mounted to the vehicle. Ryan adds, “While doing our research we realised that existing content on 4X4 trails is very bland, contradicting the experience of 4X4ing which offers such a rich visual and tactile experience. This inspired us to bring the 4X4 experience to life digitally, by providing a trail view of the most challenging 4X4 routes in the country. Isuzu Trail View goes where Google Street View has yet to venture and prepares 4×4 drivers for the journey before they’ve even checked the oil and water. Using Isuzu Trail View, 4X4 enthusiasts can now experience the entire trail online”.

Embedding a social media layer allows the community to share, post comments, add videos and photos on the site. “The community actually drives the discussion by contributing content and suggesting which 4×4 trails we do next,” says Ryan.

The integrated campaign is supported by Isuzu’s Facebook and Twitter pages and driven by print, outdoor, direct media and, of course, its devoted community of 4×4 enthusiasts.

“It has been an exciting experience working with NATIVE on this launch initiative. To see the Isuzu Trail View concept materialise and hear the positive feedback from the 4X4 community has been encouraging. We are offering something unique and really useful for 4X4 drivers and through this idea have positioned Isuzu as a leader in innovation and community involvement. We are looking forward to the months ahead where more trails will be mapped and drivers can enjoy these incredible trails, thanks to Isuzu Trail View,” says Peter Ririe, Marketing Operations Manager General Motors.

To tackle the trails, go to and follow @Isuzusa on Twitter and Isuzu South Africa on Facebook (

You can watch the video of the Making Of Isuzu Trail View here.