One Minute with a Superhero: Tanya Reynolds of 4D Ultrasound

1-minute-logoThis morning we’re chatting to Tanya Reynolds of 4D Ultrasound – an awesome home-based service that allows expecting couples to see the new addition to their family in revolutionary clarity.

Give us your elevator pitch.
I do 4D baby ultrasound scans in the comfort and privacy of people’s homes.  Hospitals can be clinical, waiting times eternal and traffic jams frustrating.  I bring this exclusive state-of-the-art 4D experience directly into a pregnant couple’s home.

What makes your business special?
It’s very personal and although there are other people providing this service, I don’t know of anyone else who is mobile.  Generally people have a fixed location and clients have go to them.

pic_0312How did you get into this industry?
For the past 5 years I’ve been in the corporate world selling ultrasound systems and teaching people how to use them.  One day I just decided that I wanted to provide some sort of ultrasound service of my own.

What about your job makes you lie awake at night?
How I’m going to reach my monthly target to pay for my very expensive ultrasound machine which almost cost the same as my house.

What education do you have?
National Diploma Diagnostic Radiography, Bachelor of Technology Diagnostic Radiography, Bachelor of Technology Ultrasound and I’m currently trying to complete my Master’s in Ultrasound.

Tell us one disaster story.
I recently had a “little” car accident all by myself on a remote dirt road.  The car went completely out of control.  The car was in a bit of a sad state but miraculously, myself and my ultrasound system were in good working order.

Tell us about your customers.
There’s not much to say.  They all pregnant!  It’s generally a very pleasant environment to work in.

Your secret to success…
The power of positive thinking and regular chats to my maker.

What is your best marketing tool?
Pregnancy magazines and the internet.

Tell us some pitfalls to avoid in your industry
Never over promise because if a baby decides it’s not going to show it’s face then it’s not going to show it’s face.  Most scans are successful but there are those 1 or 2 that really make you sweat.

image020Destroy a myth about your industry…
Anybody can do ultrasound!

Tell us something that no one knows about you…
Nelson Mandela told me that I was an impressive young lady.

What is the best business lesson you’ve learned so far?
Read the fine print!  I had a few shockers to deal with after signing my cc, VAT and bank finance forms.

Describe your average day…
Never a free moment.  Always doing something which most times is work related.  I spend plenty time meeting new people.

How many people do you have in your team?
One, hence the answer to the above question.  I’m the receptionist, the marketer, the worker, the web designer, the graphics designer…

What is your BHAG?
I had to Google this.  Never heard of it before.  Anyway, I’m working towards a future passive income.  This is, funny enough, not related to my 4D business.  My 4D business is one of the paths taking me to my final destination.

And, finally, a word of advice to Ideate readers – is there a lot of money to be made in this industry?
Yes, there is but that is not my main purpose.  You can function like a sausage factory and make plenty of money but I’m more in the game of quality and not quantity.

Thanks for your time, Tanya, we wish you a great New Year with your new business. All the best for 2009.

Ideate readers can contact Tanya at the following number: +27 79 441 4488

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