PEERS INC: A Prescribed Book For Transport Entrepreneurs & Transport Economy Disruption Observers

Recently, we’ve seen protests from cab owners in South Africa and other parts of the world towards Uber drivers. Whilst their pain needs to be understood as their ability to earn a living is affected.
It is also important for transport entrepreneurs to understand the economic change that’s developing across the world due to advancement in technology.

In this regard there’s no better book to read than the book by Robin Chase – Peers Inc.
Chase made her name as a mom-of-three in Massachusetts who in 2000 co-founded Zipcar, a car rental upstart and one of the pioneers of the sharing movement.

In this 250 pages book Chase crowdsources more than 100 case studies of companies, start-ups and platforms.
One point that stands out from this book is that the new economy is based on people (the peers) choosing to participate in a platform because a company (the inc) that has made the process cheap and straightforward.
This simple concept is important for traditional transport entrepreneurs to understand. Based on this book my sense is that the only way out is not to block Uber and other similar companies but to innovate.

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