Pokemon Go For Business: How A Coffee Shop Is Using Pokemon Go As A Marketing Tool

A Cape Town (TableView) based Coffee shop is turning Pokemon Go into a marketing tool. It has recently announced that it will be hosting a Pokemon Go Lure Party as a drawing card to their business premises.

Basically, Reload Espresso is offering people who capture most Pokemons, Free coffee or hot chocolate. The Lure party will be hosted on the 23rd July 2016 at 2pm. They are also including social media as part of the party with the Twitter hashtag – #PokemonLureAtReloadEspresso

Here’s how you can also host a “Lure Party” via Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go has  a “Lure Module” which can be used to host a “Lure Party”. Once activated, lure modules will attract wild Pokémon (and, most active players) to that location.

Your business can buy a package of lure modules as “‘Pokémon Go’ Lure Party!” If your business is on or near a PokéStop, hosting a lure party could be a great way to bring players to your establishment. It’s a cheap and easy form of marketing; create a “Pokémon Go” account by downloading it for free from the Google Play or App stores, buy a package of lure modules with real-world cash, and then just set them up at your nearest PokéStop. Each lure is active for 30 minutes, so you can use them in succession to create a lure party that lasts as long as you’d like. Coupling a lure party with some special deals could be a great way to bring in some extra money as Reload Espresso has done.

Pokemon Go is proving to be a great way to get your business known. As we understand the game we will be posting more notes on how you can use Pokemon Go for your business.