Questions and Answers: There’s A Startup For That (@QurioApp)

In an attempt to help lecturers with their assessment difficulties; EdgeCampus was born in 2012. Since then the company’s flagship product, Qurio assisted educators to ask questions and get instant responses. Qurio added an element of simplicity to their lives and the ways in which they had previously done things that involved asking questions. It also added a sense of versatility to their teaching practice.

In 2014 the company decided to pivot its business model and even went as far as re-branding itself to Qurio. Thus, the name of the companies’ flagship product became the brand of the entire company and being a question-asking tool is not the only value Qurio creates, to its clients, anymore.

“Previously our clients used Qurio and we wanted them to run with it. Now we offer our clients the full data package. You can get help from data retrieval, right through to the implementation of data” said Paul Kim, co-founder of Qurio.

The company has a specific market, which they are currently penetrating. “Our target market is SMME’s or developing companies with a employee base of 10 – 200 people, that is new to data gathering.” Said Kim.

Although Qurio has a high focus on their customer relations, it also has a high focus on employee satisfaction. The belief is that happy employees will lead to further success, which could present itself in the form of an increase of month-to-month revenue growth of 12.5% or achieving a specific revenue milestone.

When asked about the support that the LaunchLab provide, Kim had the following to say, “Not only is the association with the LaunchLab very valuable to us, but also the physical facilities we are provided and the access to excellent mentors is also a big positive of the LaunchLab experience.”

If you’re not asking questions and gathering data from either your employees or your customers and would like to get started then you can sign up for Qurio on their website or interact with them online @QurioApp.

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