School Entrepreneurship In 2015

The 2014 School Entrepreneurship Programme wrapped up on 21 November 2014. Now in its fourth year, this extra-curricular entrepreneurship initiative has seen no less than 21 high school learners start up and sustain micro-enterprises while completing the 10 month programme.

In year 2014 it was no different. The top performer for the 2014 edition was Mat Carter, a Gr9 learner who bought and sold goods at various markets for a period of 3 months. Having generated sales in excess of R6000 over the three month period, Mat managed to keep his operating expenses very low, just 10% in fact of total turnover. Profit for the three month period exceeded R5000 and this meant that Mat Carter walked away with the 2014 Top Performer award. His business model was simple – buy second hands good from one market which he believed he could sell at a profit at another market. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that this is a real skill –not everyone can buy and sell goods at a profit – especially second hand goods !

Alexander McLeod, who developed and has been implementing this School Entrepreneurship Programme since 2010 goes on to say…”The success of the programme is backed by the fact that each year I have had learners who have started up and sustained micro-enterprises while completing my programme. In my opinion, there are two ways we can look at approaching entrepreneurship. First is what I refer to as entrepreneurship advocacy. This is where you look to create awareness around the fact that becoming an entrepreneur can be a viable and sustainable career option. Second is where you look to initiate and foster entrepreneurial activity and behaviour in that you try to get people to start up and sustain micro-enterprises with the view of them moving on to creating bigger business. One should not mix the two approaches…”

This year Cell C sponsored the award for the top performer. McLeod goes on to say…”A big thank you should go out to Cell C for sponsoring this fantastic award. A special mention should go to Anton Baatjies of Cell C who arranged for and handed over the award to Mat Carter. Mat was very excited about receiving his award at the Cell C offices Plattekloof !”

The 2015 School Entrepreneurship Programme will commence in February 2015. McLeod continues…”I have rebranded my business (previously called Water Berry now called Calan) and all my school entrepreneurship initiatives will now also fall under their own sub-brand called Kreeate. This will include my school entrepreneurship programmes, school entrepreneurship conferences, school entrepreneurship advocacy workshops as well as two other platforms I will be launching in 2015, namely mobile gaming and a television show. Look out for it on

You can follow Alexander on twitter on @alex_mcleod1