Search for the Great South African Cup of Coffee: Dario’s

darios2_r1_c1The search goes on, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve uncovered a real hidden gem in Hout Bay, my back yard. It so happens that this place is a stone’s throw from where I live, so forgive me for my being a little hysterical about this.

I stepped out of the house to chat with my wife Yolande about work stuff (she works part-time for World Wide Creative). We ventured out to look for a coffee spot, and found Dario’s on the right as you head towards the harbour from Suikerbossie.

yolandeI’d been told before that it makes a good cup, but I was still a little surprised at this what this small, unassuming little spot conjured up in leisurely time. It gives anything else in Cape Town a run for its money, and has a nice old-school Italian charm about it.

Do yourself a favour, the next business meeting you arrange, go off the beaten track and drop by Dario’s. You won’t be disappointed.

Location: Victoria Rd, Hout Bay (on the left, past the Superspar)
Contact: 021 791 0021
Price: around R12 for a cappuccino (I think).
Rating out of ten: a sumptuous 9

5 thoughts on “Search for the Great South African Cup of Coffee: Dario’s

  1. Fred, I’m happy you found Dario’s already.
    If we were to meet for coffee, I certainly would have suggested this venue and I was actually surprised that you did.
    My family, extended, have been going there since he opened.
    Great stuff.

  2. Hi, I was at your coffee shop yesterday th 7th June morning enjoying your cappuccino with some friend. I lost my cellphone – Nokia N97 – Black in colour. Will you please look around, i might have left it on the table we were seated (in the verandah).



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