Search for the Great South African Cup of Coffee: Detour

Regular travelers past Oudekraal en route to Camps Bay will have noticed a little queue of cars materialising on the flea market siding about 1km before Bakoven. The reason? This dude (right). He’s a Hout Bay local whose entrepreneurial spirit led him to parking his coffee trailer to service the thirst of thousands of commuters on their morning route to work. I’m one of them, so I stopped to give him a try.

After waiting for 15 mins for the crowd to disperse I was served up a large cappuccino – and when I say large I mean la-a-arge. Usually, quantity does not mean quality, but I was surprised to find that his coffee was strong, with a good head of foam (not frothy mind you – t’was nice and consistent).

Flavour, viscosity, density – all decent, even though clearly it was a rushed effort.

Beautiful stuff.

The real beauty of Detour’s offering, however, is not the brew itself, but the whole package. What this little dusty siding forces you to do is to stop and ponder the awesome beauty of one of the Cape’s most scenic settings. Something that most of us are too busy to do. Stopping for a cuppa joe makes you escape from incessant (and all-too repetitive) thoughts of work and allow for the serenity of nature to clear your focus.

This is not just a detour from your inbound trip; it’s a detour for your mind. A welcome one at that.

Nice work, entrepreneur coffee guy! Thanks for reminding me of what’s important.

Coffee rating out of 10: seven! (nine if you include the blissful natural setting)