Search for the Great South African Cup of Coffee: Fournos


Fournos coffeeEarlier today I was stuck at O.R. Thambo.

My flight was delayed, and I was kindly reassured that it wouldn’t be long. “The stoppage is merely due to the airport’s radar system being faulty.” Which is good to know, since I already have a MASSIVE fear of flying, so this little tidbit settled me down to a quiet nervous breakdown.

The solution to this crisis? What else but the sweet, warm embrace of a good cup of coffee. So, here were my choices: Mugg & Bean; Wimpy; Spur or Fournos.

Louis Janse van RensburgIt turns out that Fournos is actually half decent – considering that this is an airport, and anything travel related doesn’t usually equate to great coffee. The delivery is not at the standard of, say, Origins, but as far as the competition goes, Fournos rules the airport roost.

Their cappuccino is strong and hearty, with the right amount on top. Louis Janse van Rensburg, manager of the Johannesburg branch of World Wide Creative, was with me at the time. Between wolfing down the remains of the Fournos chicken tower sandwich (quite good I must add), he nodded approvingly at me after taking a swig.

I’m back in Cape Town now, safe and sound. The Fournos coffee was a nice interlude to a tough day, and will certainly be there next time I’m stuck in Jozi.

So, what’s the moral of this post?

Coffee is good for you.

Coffee rating out of 10: 8

Where: Bypass the Bean, and look next to Ocean Basket at O.R. Thambo Domestic Terminal

Price: Around R14

4 thoughts on “Search for the Great South African Cup of Coffee: Fournos

  1. Material Digression: Same price as a Big Issue magazine yet majority of people complain about the price of the mag (which is giving someone a feeling of self worth). Kind of puts generosity issues into perspective.

  2. Thanks for the comment Michelle. We support Big Issue, but you can’t deny an honest, hard working businessman his coffee fix! Why not do both – ?

    For the record, I think the Big Issue is perfectly priced.

  3. Hiya Fred, the new extension to the Cape Quarter in Green Point boasts what must be amongst the very best coffee I have ever had! Great for us since we are across the road, Viola! has superb coffee, latte, capuccini etc etc. Well worth a visit!

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