Search for the Great South African Cup of Coffee: The Corner Cafe in Durban

Corner CafeRecently, while in KZN to attend the wedding of one my World Wide Creative team mates, I hooked up with fellow coffee addict, Geoff Brink, who lives in Umdloti down the road from prolific blogger Fred Hatman. Geoff is otherwise known as the ‘nutter on the unicycle‘ – although he also moonlights as a photographer and a treefeller… which makes sense, really.

Geoff and FredGeoff picked me up at the airport and we headed straight for The Corner Cafe in Glenwood, Durban, on the corner of Brand and Cromwell. As we arrived the owner pranced over to give Geoff a warm welcome. We were promptly given two cappuccinos and plied with a delicious sandwich each. Geoff warned me that the coffee was addictively tasty.

He wasn’t wrong; we stayed for two more, in quick succession.

I fell in love with The Corner Cafe, from eclectic decor and inauspicious setting, to the eccentric owner, the waitrons and the floor manager, who, by the way, happens to be a qualified engineer.

Tree Corner CafeThe tree outside is also a winner – it was cut and sculpted by Geoff into a giant heart to mimic the Corner Cafe logo. For his labour, Geoff was paid in coffee – although, I’m not sure that the owner realised how many cups Geoff can actually consume during an average day.

There is art all over the walls, and the crowd is a beautiful mix of artists, bohemians, bored, chatty housewives and crazy, wild-eyed unicyclists.

GeoffThe coffee?

It was superb; lovely and strong with a solid, thick creamy foam. Do yourselves a favour, if you’re in Durban, don’t miss out on The Corner Cafe – it’s an experience, with great coffee to boot.

Coffee rating out of ten: 9
Address: Glenwood, Durban, on the corner of Brand and Cromwell

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  1. Yeah, love the Corner Cafe. And Judd is turning it into an eco-friendly gem too. Heads-up on one of many other as-yet-unearthed caffeine crackers… the Arts Cafe in Stanford – not too strong, right amount of foam on their cappuccinos… top-notch!

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