Search for the great South African Cup of Coffee: The Power and The Glory

I got locked out of my studio this morning. My agency, World Wide Creative, moved last week to new premises at the top of Cape Town. Telkom, internet not working, new keys getting cut – it’s all part of moving.

While I’m waiting for Mike, my business partner, to arrive with the studio keys I decide to try “The Power and The Glory“, the small outlet across the road for the first time since the move.

This is an important moment, I realise, as I order a cappuccino. This is the closest coffee shop to our studio. We’ve signed a lease for 3 years. Many client / team / networking meetings will be held here. If the coffee is crap, it’s a travesty.

The venue itself is pretty cool, with big open windows looking out to the road. The inside is eclectic and interesting, with old furniture and classic music (Ella, Frank).

Cape Town is misty today, the first moist day for some time, so it’s a perfect setting for a hot drink.

So, the cup arrives. Settled politely next to my laptop. I leave it untouched for around 30 seconds, looking up at my new premises. Now, I’m nervous. Shit, what if it’s not up to scratch? Do we cancel the lease?

I take a sip.

The first taste is good.

Smooth. Bold. A few seconds later, the bitterness pops up on my palate. It’s not metallic. It’s strong, like coffee is supposed to be.

I feel light-headed. Giddy almost. I finish the cup quickly. The last week has been stressful; full of disruptions and challenges. For the first time in some time, I’m looking ahead towards the next three years with hope, with confidence. It’s a great feeling.

But then, that’s what good coffee will do for you.

Rating out of ten: a confident 8 – great stuff.

Photo credits: WeLove and ILoveCoffee

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  1. My mouther watered. Considering driving from West Lake business park all the way to this joint for a coffee. Mmm. All the best settling in to the new spot – Yuppiechef HQ also just relocated. Exciting times.

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