Search for the Great South African Cup of Coffee: Arpeggio


I’ve been quiet lately, for various reasons – mostly because I’ve been well, well busy – BUT that doesn’t mean that I’ve given up coffee. Far from it, in fact. So, here goes with a bit of an update.

I’m sitting in Stellenbosch right now, in a lovely little Italian restaurant called Arpeggio – having just finished a successful meeting which was rounded off nicely with a crispy feta & tomato open sandwich and two delicious cups of cappucino.




The best thing? Stellenbosch is a student town, so the coffee is R10 a cup. Nice.

If you do happen to wander down this way, don’t hesitate to pop your head in Arpeggio for a quick caffeine fix. The food’s day-am good too.

Location: Stellenbosch Main Road (opp. Mugg & Bean – avoid! avoid!)

Contact: 021 8839623
Price: R10

5 thoughts on “Search for the Great South African Cup of Coffee: Arpeggio

  1. Yes, I certainly have. Origin, Sage Organic and Brewers & Union are our official meeting spots in the center of town.

    Check out:
    1) Origins:
    2) Sage:
    3) Brewers &Union:

    Thanks for the comment : )

  2. Fred, Thanks so much for that vote of confidence! I’ve been going nearly 3years now and 9/10times the feedback is the same… Top Coffee! I believe Segafredo is an excellent coffee, BUT, machine maintainence and grinder settings are more important. Slight changes in the weather, use of aircon, number of people in the shop all play role in what ultimately is a work of art!
    Please introduce yourself next time you in Arpeggio, will be great to chat!

  3. Hi guys
    I’m wondering about the trend of coffee in south Africa & how cafes still follow the trend of Italian roasters opposed to local roasters. I believe there is a much better offering by going freshly roasted instead imported roasted coffee. It’s true that we wouldn’t buy our bread from Italy so why would you buy your coffee from there. Coffee oxides relatively quickly although still acceptable at difference stages. To be known for truly great coffee, fresh is best. Look at the multi national brands in emerging coffee markets such as NZ & OZ, unless they are not throwing everything at the owner such as coffee equipment, market support, uniforms etc. they ending loosing out to a local passionate roaster who ultimately is more interested in helping the cafe owner grow there business. I think SA is ready for the next phase of the coffee culture

  4. Hi Maurizio – I agree. getting the beans from African countries (e.g. Rwanda) directly and roasting them here would be an ideal situation.

    It would interesting to see whether anyone takes the bait on this. I mean how hard can it be?

    btw, check out Oatmeal’s guide to Coffee:

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