The Next Big Thing In Food Entrepreneurship Led By Musk

Inspired by a TED talk delivered by the leader of the Food Revolution Jammie Oliver the brother of Elon Musk, Kimball Musk, is on a mission to change the way we eat.

This week he announced that he is creating an urban farming accelerator (Square Roots) that will empower 1,000’s of millennials to become real food entrepreneurs.

His goal is to enable a whole new generation of real food entrepreneurs, ready to build thriving, responsible businesses. 

Square Roots will create campuses of climate-controlled, indoor, hydroponic vertical farms, right in the hearts of  cities. On these campuses, young entrepreneurs will be trained to grow non-GMO, fresh, tasty, real food all year round, and sell locally. They will be trained to create forward-thinking companies that will strengthen communities by bringing local, real food to everyone.

Square Root’s  first campus is in Brooklyn, NYC, and is opening soon. There’s currently a  process of selecting ten founding entrepreneurs to be part of the inaugural, year-long season. The team at Square Root believes that the future of food needs to address a wide range of challenges — from sustainability to tech-enabled farming, from social impact to food policy — and they’re looking for entrepreneurial individuals with these passions and more.

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