Start Something Meaningful

The simple thing that separates successful individuals from those who languish is the very thing that separates exciting and growing organisations from those that stagnate and die. #STARTing.

I don’t mean STARTing for the sake of STARTing. The business grave and business registry is full of dead businesses who got off to a wrong START. These businesses died because they were STARTed for the following (wrong) reasons & opportunities:
Tender opportunity: they were started to respond to a Call for proposals for a specific challenge by a company or government department
Government Funding opportunity: they were started because of a government funding
Connections: a business was STARTed because a brother in law or neighbor is the head of procurement and therefore decided to grant him/her the business opportunity
Silicon Valley Factor: An App has made it in Silicon Valley therefore business STARTed to try it locally.

Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with STARTing based on identifying a need in the market. Many successful businesses were inspired by the need in the market and positioned their businesses to close the gap. What I’m suggesting is that there’s a need to START a business on the basis of a solid foundation. I propose that the basis/the reason and they why to START should be MEANINGFUL. The following MEANING-LIST should be the WHY behind STARTing a business:
Make(ing) the world a better place.
Increase(ing) the quality of life.
Right(ing) a terrible wrong.
Prevent(ing) the end of something good
Make this MEANING-LIST part of your START-guide and you will build a business that will outlast you