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‘The Economist: Thinking Spaces’ Launches E-Book To Showcase Where Readers Go To Think

The Economist: Thinking Spaces this week launched an e-book of its ‘50 favourite spaces’ containing personal insights from the fans who submitted them. The Economist’s 2011 European brand campaign, ‘Thinking Spaces’, showcases the inspiring places all over the world where people go to think, reaching a community of more than 40,000 fans. The aim of […]

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Being an Entrepreneur – what does that really mean?

For current employees and recent graduates, becoming an entrepreneur sounds like an exciting move away from a dead-end job or the prospect of unemployment. While starting your own business can be fulfilling and stimulating, it is also challenging and risky. Sam and Rob Paddock, entrepreneur brothers who have started several businesses together, provide some insights on what it really […]

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Do you want to be an Entrepreneur?

An Ideate reader asked the question “I want to start my own business, but am anxious about leaving my job. What do I have to do to be an entrepreneur?” There are many employees with aspirations to be a successful entrepreneur but afraid to take the first step. I would say 3R’s apply here: Research, […]

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