Official Guide To Communicating An Idea: Via Book By TED Curator Chris Anderson

TED has been a great platform for sharing ideas worth sharing. Most TED speakers are great at communicating their ideas in a way that inspires action. This is partly because as a speaker on a TED platform you go through a process that prepares you for public speaking and sharing your idea. The same principles applied for TED Talks can be very effective for entrepreneurs in communicating their ideas to funders,potential clients and employees.

Learning public speaking skills via TED can improve your skills in communicating your ideas across and securing funding and closing that deal.


Recently, Chris Anderson who is the curator of TED has written a book to share TED platforms public speaking secrets.

Here are some other secrets Anderson shares.

  1. “Limit your talk to just one major idea. Ideas are complex things; you need to slash back your content so that you can focus on the single idea you’re most passionate about, and give yourself a chance to explain that one thing properly.”
  2. “Give your listeners a reason to care. Before you can start building things inside the minds of your audience, you have to get their permission to welcome you in. And the main tool to achieve that? Curiosity.”
  3. “Build your idea, piece by piece, out of concepts that your audience already understands.You use the power of language to weave together concepts that already exist in your listeners’ minds – but not your language, their language.”

He also recorded a video that highlights some of these principles:


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