The Best Creative Work In SA For The Past 3 Months: Winners Announced

The regular ‘Ad Of The Month’ award, curated by the Creative Circle (a non-profit organisation closely) was decided by a panel of judges last week.

Ideate would like to convey congratulations to all concerned. Here is the list of the winning work and the agencies responsible.

1. Mercedes-Benz/Night View Assist Plus “Horse” Net#Work BBDO
2. Land Rover/Freelander 2 ” Hedge/Robe/Toy” Y&R SA 3. Independent Newspapers/Cape Times “Women’s Day” Lowe CT

1. The Organ Foundation “Exchange” Native
2. Distong War Museum “The Other Side of War” Ireland-Davenport
3. Volkswagen/Tiguan “Morningside/Sandton/Claremont” Ogilvy CT

1. Mercedes-Benz/Collision Prevention Assist “Scooter/Virus/
Lawyer Net#Work BBDO
2. Master Lock/4 Digit Safe “Tool Time/Pizza Boy/Piano FoxP2
3. Toyota/Automark “Warranty/Mega Mileage Bonanza” Draftfcb Jhb

1. Brandhouse/Amstel Lager “The Chef” Owen Kessel
2. Cape Town Fish Market “Fresh” Lowe CT
3. The Kidney Foundation “Crash” Net#Work BBDO
3. Cadbury/Lunch Bar “Tumi’s Car Wash” Ogilvy Jhb

1. MTN/Telecoms “The everywhere Library” MetropolitanRepublic
2. Johannesburg Zoo/World’s first LIVE Tweeting
Badger” HelloComputer/Draftfcb Jhb
3. Audi SA/A3 Sportback “#A3 Exchange” Ogilvy CT

The judging panel for July 2013 comprised of :

Jenny Glover Net#Work BBDO (Chairperson)
Roanna Williams Joe Public
Marion Bryan Ogilvy
Antoinette Johnson M&C Saatchiabel
Natalie Rose TBWA Hunt Lascaris
Erin Brooks Draftfcb
Bridget Johnson Ireland-Davenport
Bibi Lotter Y&R SA
Dana Cullinan The Jupiter Drawing Room Jhb
Laura May Vale Havas ww

The Digital judging panel for July 2013 comprised of:
Fran Luckin – Quirk (Chairperson)
Toni Hughes – 1886
Terri-Anne De Sousa – Liquorice
Nelri Rossam – Native
Lizane Connoway – Prezence
Lauren Prior – Machine Agency
Stephanie de Villiers – World Wide Creative
Mia Scholtz – Ogilvy
Catherine Murray – Creative Spark Interactive

Comments from the Chairperson

Jenny Glover from Net#work BBDO had this pearl of a comment: “August is woman’s month and as such we had an enormously intelligent bunch of judges capable of using multisyllabic words in full and comprehensive sentences. On the work front, it was a small month with substantially less entries than usual but despite this we managed to skim the cream off the top.’

On Print, Jenny continued: ‘The winning work for Mercedes-Benz, Landrover and Cape Times was solid and well deserving. Still there was an overall feeling that the print category was a little sad and possibly stuck in the 90’s. Everything felt like a variation or reincarnation of something we’d seen before and it would’ve been nice to see some fresh insights and executions.”

“The Out-of-Home category was probably the strongest category and once again we debated the fairness of judging a poster next to say, a pop-up store. Even in this flawed system we found three very worthy winners.

Native’s ‘Exchange’ for the Organ Foundation is the kind of category-breaking work that we should be doing more of, especially if we want to extend our Cannes wins into new categories.

Glover continued, commenting on Radio: “We’re still producing nice work in radio and it’s obvious why our stuff stands out internationally. Beyond the winning power of the sexy South African accent, our writing is exceptionally good. Listen to the Masterlock, Toyota and maybe even Mercedes-Benz and you’ll see that we’re also pretty darn funny.”

And finally, on Film: “To be honest it wasn’t our best film month. Our concepts are a little thin and often heaving with very obvious strategy. That said, some brilliant craft and production value came together to win Amstel’s ‘Chef’ commercial a first place. Well done to all the winners and of course a special thanks to the mother of all women, Arlene for pulling it all together.”

Comments from the Digital Chairperson 

Fran Luckin, from digital agency Quirk, was reticent in dishing out lavish praise for this quarter’s crop of work.

“Overall,” said Luckin, ” it was a fairly eclectic grab-bag of things, ranging from apps to activations to films to outdoor. This month’s winner was essentially a poster- albeit one backed by a USSD platform.”

“Perhaps it’s time for a conversation about why we’re still putting digital in a separate category. Could this be holding us back in digital – because we keep putting it into a ghetto where it doesn’t get the attention it deserves? How about we jettison the media categories (since they’re becoming quite redundant) and simply have Idea of the Month? Just putting it out there. Okay, I’ll shut up and get to the winners now.”

The winning Digital work 

MTN ‘Everywhere Library.’
Luckin: “It’s great to see a winner in the digital category that doesn’t require a smartphone. And it’s good to see how tech can be used by brands to solve practical problems. I loved the ‘Bank poster’ idea as well and would have proposed making both of them joint first. But the remote judging that we do for digital precludes conversation.” (See the point about the separate category, above.)

Joburg Zoo ‘Tweeting Badger.’
Luckin: “A charming example of the power of technology to create experiences that charm and entertain. It also garnered serious amounts of earned media, bringing the client great ROI. I liked how much attention to detail was shown all the way through. Each tweet was carefully crafted and entertaining.”

Audi A3 Sportback Exchange
Luckin: “Good use of social media to create a sense of drama and anticipation around the launch of the Sportback. It takes serious co-ordination to pull a campaign this size together and every element was impeccably executed.”